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RW: When There’s no More Room in Hell, the Dead Will Walk the Earth.

Prepare yourself for a recap haunted by evil spirits, vampires, and the living dead. Here are the movies and tv shows I’ve seen so far in October.

The 10 Longest Books I’ve Ever Read · Top Ten Tuesday

The 10 Longest Books I’ve Ever Read · Top Ten Tuesday

This week on Top Ten Tuesday we talk about the longest books we’ve ever read! Harry Potter and Outlander clearly dominate the list! Read on for 10 giant books I’ve read for the love of a good story.

Most Anticipated Books Coming This Fall · Top Ten Tuesday

In this week’s Top Ten Tuesday we look at the most anticipated books coming this Fall. Between series and standalones, and across all genres, there’s no shortage of new books to look forward to.

13 Books On My TBR This Summer Featured

13 Most Exciting Books On My Summer TBR

I’ve been on a reading roll, so to keep it going I gathered all the books I want to read this summer in one list! Here are the 13 most exciting books on my summer TBR right now.

Ten Romance Novels I Love and Recommend

For the Top Ten Tuesday of Valentine’s Day, I give ten Romance Novels ranging from classic to contemporary, from tragic to hilarious, that I thoroughly love and recommend.

15 Best Tv Series of 2017

2017 Year Retrospective, Part V:
The 15 Best TV Series

For Part V of the 2017 Year Retrospective we go back to the small screen and take a look at the year’s best from television shows, including limited and miniseries. Read on for the 15 Best TV Series of 2017, from Alias Grace to Twin Peaks: The Return

The 10 Best Television Original Scores of 2017

2017 Year Retrospective, Part III:
The 10 Best Television Original Scores

From the surrealism of Twin Peaks: The Return, to the grandeur of The Crown, here are the best scores composers had to offer in 2017.

RW: Do They Ever Return to Possess The Living?

In this weekly recap you’ll find the new edition of October Horror, thoughts on The Exorcist’s second season, a directorial debut, and more!

Welcome to Returning Videotapes

Welcome to our new home, with fresh content and an even bigger passion for cinema. You’ll notice some things have stayed the same, while others have changed – namely, the blog’s new name, Returning Videotapes. I’ve been meaning to move on from Film Flare since the core of this space had evolved beyond movies. It had become television and most recently books, too. Add to all of this needing to upgrade to Wordpress and a bigger change felt right.

8 New Book Releases to Read in June!

left: pinterest, right: we heart it Here we are with a fresh batch of new…

FWeekly: I Haven’t Had a Bite All Day + Suddenly, Last June

Didn’t feel like doing a proper Suddenly post because movie-wise it was such a BORING month.…

FWeekly: Prelude to a (fictional) Rape Scene

This weekly recap comes some weeks later due to the curse that bears upon every…