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Podcast | Episode 53: The VVitch

If you’ve seen Robert Eggers’ nightmarish folktale The VVitch, let me tell you right now: the curse of Black Phillip is real. We chicks have been trying to record and publish this episode for ages, months. Unexpected plan changes, power cuts, sudden illness, broken laptops… you name it, it happened to us. And that evil goat is the only rational explanation, so yeah, beware of Black Phillip. 

And if you haven’t seen The VVitch, then you should know that it is set in 1630s New England. It follows a family outcasted by their community, now living at the edge of a dark woods where witchcraft and black magic abounds, struggling to stay alive while their plagued crops are rotting. Famine and disease tear this cursed family apart, and at the center of it all is Thomasin, the embodiment of female coming of age and inherent sexual growth. Also a black goat that may-or-may-not be the devil incarnated.

This is undoubtedly one of the year’s best films, and is quickly becoming one of my all-time favourite horror movies! But then, with its immersive historical accuracy, haunting visuals and soundtrack, and spot on storytelling, how could it not?

00:00 – 04:17 – Chick chatter
04:17 – 05:01 – Trailer
05:01 – 17:56 – Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
17:56 – 55:34 – The chicks talk about this year’s The VVitch
55:34 – 1:00:01 – Plugs and Goodbyes

Burn the Witch, by Radiohead
Isle of Wight, by Mark Korven (The VVitch Original Soundtrack)
Across The Universe, by Vandana Vishwas

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  • I haven’t seen this film yet myself but my Dad watched it a couple months ago. He and I usually have very similar tastes in movies, so once he was done watching, I asked him what he thought about it. Surprisingly, he said he didn’t like it at all 🙁 He said he had trouble understanding what was going on and that the characters’ words seemed muffled and too soft-spoken most of the time. Did you have any trouble watching it?

    • I didn’t have trouble understanding what they say because I had subtitles, but I’ve heard that in english-speaking countries people had issues with that as well. Not only they speak softly, but also they do it in english from 1600s! 🙁

      And the movie itself is pretty enigmatic, so that might’ve made it even worse…

      Try to watch it with subs, if you can! They must have them for the hearing impaired on streaming services and the like, no?

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