Film Noir Posters Your Walls Will Be Proud to Display

film noir movie posters
Keeping up with this month’s theme, Noirvember, let’s look at some of the most beautiful film noir posters of the 20th century. Movies in this list include classic noirs and foreign noirs, since I stopped in the 60s so as to not include modern films. Truth is, some of the best film noirs don’t have the best posters, at least by today’s standards. The overall busy aesthetic of classic posters doesn’t always appeal to modern audiences, used to minimal and clean movie artworks. Or is that just me?

Still, considering classic movie posters were mostly painted, it’s hard to deny their artistry. Well, some of them – there are posters with such atrocious actor illustrations it’s a wonder they got published! So yes, often I feel the urge to wipe away cluttered elements, but getting into the 30s-50s visual mindset usually does it.

sweet smell of success film noir poster

Either way, the following posters don’t suffer from this, as they are absolutely gorgeous. I’d be proud to have any of them on my walls, and I’m sure you would, too. They’re mostly official US posters, but some are alternatives or foreign editions. I tried to keep modern remakes/criterion covers to a minimum. I haven’t seen all of them, but I used this list as reference. So scroll down and start picking the ones you’ll ask for this christmas!

24 Film Noir Posters Your Walls Would be Proud to Display

So which posters would you hang on the wall? Got any other favourites?
  • If you’re into film noir posters, you should definitely check out The Art of Noir! I read it earlier this year and it taught me A LOT of stuff about film posters (noir ones especially). It’s a soft cover coffee table book that absolutely full of wonderful illustrations x

    • Looks like an awesome book, added to my wishlist! Thanks for the recommendation, Vanessa 😚

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