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Inception (2010)

Inception was advertised as a summer blockbuster, meaning an action film usually with a simple script that therefore mostly does not require its audience to actually think. Yet Inception has the complexity of a conspiracy theory, the emotional depth of a drama, and…


An Education (2009)

At first sight, An Education may be perceived as a funny, easygoing film, but beware: the only funny and easygoing thing in this story is Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a 16 year old teenager on her way to Oxford who on…


Nine (2009)

Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a movie director who lives an italian lifestyle of luxurious clichés, and wanders too often through his restless imagination – the refuge of a man trapped by his own lies. He’s surrounded by seven charismatic…


127 Hours (2010)

In 2003, 27 year old Aron Raslton left in the middle of the night, heading to Blue John Canyon, Utah – a place he considered a second home. As an enthusiastic mountain climber, he avoids the official route without hesitation.…


Flare Artists: James Dean

I believe this man needs no introduction. I can’t keep track of how many articles I’ve read about him, how many documentaries I’ve watched, how many references in films and ads I’ve noticed. Anyone who gets into Old Hollywood has…