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Books that Should be Adapted to the Screen
TMP: Books I’d Love to See Adapted to Screen

Three mystery novels that would make amazing movies, and are perfect for these rainy nights. This week’s Thursday Movie Picks brings us back to literary adaptations, sharing the ones that never happened but we wish they did. Read more for three great books that should be adapted to the big screen!

Suddenly, Last October: What I Saw & Noirvember

The best of October, from Mindhunter and Stranger Things to cult and classic horror films! Last month was filled with the stuff of nightmares, and I LOVED it. I watched some pretty awesome movies and tv shows, and of course, October marked my return to blogging. Read on for the best of what I saw, plus what to expect in November!

The Meyerowitz Stories - Across the Universe Podcast Banner
Episode 63: The Meyerowitz Stories (2017)

In the first episode hosted by Getter, we talk about Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected). Give it a listen to see how well she fared in this challenge (far better than me when I first hosted!) and to find out what we think of the movie, and of our picks for the Interesting Movie of the Fortnight Feature!

October Horror: Top 30 Favourite Horror Movies of All Time!

It’s the end of another October Horror Project,so here’s 30 Horror Movies I Love, from Dracula (1931) to The VVitch (2015). In this edition I’ve seen three that became instant favourites: Possession (1981),Thirst (2009), and The Haunting (1963). Read on the find out if your favourites made the cut!

TMP: Top 5 Horror TV Shows of All-Time

In this week’s feature topic, we look at the best horror television has to offer. If we’re picking favourites, these shows are it. Honourable mentions include Stranger Things, True Blood, American Horror Story, Supernatural, and Bates Motel. Read more to find out which shows made the top 5!

TMP: 3 Body Horror Movies to Never See Again

A quick look at three unwatchable movies that are not for the faint of heart. In this week’s Thursday Movie Picks we dive into Body Horror, a subgenre of horror films that focuses on body disintegration, deformation, mutilation… you get the picture. Read on, if you can stomach it.

RW: Do They Ever Return to Possess The Living?

In this weekly recap you’ll find the new edition of October Horror, thoughts on The Exorcist’s second season, a directorial debut, and more!

Episode 61: Best Marvel Movies + New Chick Revealed!

Can you guess who is the new Chick with Accent? Listen to the latest episode of the Across the Universe Podcast, and find out if you’re right! Because this chick is a major Marvel fan, we list our Top 3 Marvel Movies, in anticipation of the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok.

Welcome to Returning Videotapes

Welcome to our new home, with fresh content and an even bigger passion for cinema. You’ll notice some things have stayed the same, while others have changed – namely, the blog’s new name, Returning Videotapes. I’ve been meaning to move on from Film Flare since the core of this space had evolved beyond movies. It had become television and most recently books, too. Add to all of this needing to upgrade to Wordpress and a bigger change felt right.

suddenly last june returning videotapes movie post moodboard
Suddenly, Last June: Consider This Situation Fuckin’ Handled

Another month has gone by and hooray, we’re halfway through the year! Yeah that doesn’t…

My Top 3 Television Medical Dramas

This week’s Thursday Movie Picks is a tv special on medical dramas. Immediately I thought…

8 New Book Releases to Read in June!

left: pinterest, right: we heart it Here we are with a fresh batch of new…