The Blind Spot Series – A Movie Challenge

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We all have those movies.

You know what I’m talking about – the big ones, the great ones. THOSE movies.

The ones we really should’ve seen already, yet have sat for years in our ever-growing watchlists. We want to see them, we do – but somehow, we keep forgetting them.

[spacer height=”10px”] And that is why, my fellow movie nerds, this challenge exists.
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What it is, and Where it Began

The Blind Spot Series is a movie challenge created by Ryan McNeil at The Matinee. The goal is to watch one movie a month, over the course of one year. These should be films that you believe are essential viewings for every movie fan: they can be classics, cult films, modern masterpieces.

After several years of hosting the Blind Spot Series, Ryan passed the baton to me, and because I’ve always loved it, I accepted the challenge. I hope all of you who’ve been participating in this series will carry on doing it, and embrace its new home.

To anyone who wishes to participate for the first time – have a blast, but be warned: it’s harder than it looks! And if you don’t own a blog, that is perfectly alright – just share your viewings on social media! Every single one of us is on film twitter, trust me.

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How to Participate

Here’s how it works: I publish my own Blind Spots on the last Monday of every month, and in that post there is a space for you to plug your own. To further share your Blind Spot viewings, opinions and posts, feel free to use the hashtag #BlindSpot2019 on social media. That way we can get a conversation going, which is the whole point of this series!

Make sure you visit Ryan’s blog for all the previous editions of this challenge. If you just arrived here don’t worry: you can enter the challenge at any time during the year, and add whatever posts you’ve written on the next linkup!

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Thank you for reading. Now go on and watch some damn movies!
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Blind Spot Series – 2018 Edition


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Blind Spot Series 2019

Blind Spot Series – 2019 Edition

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If you’re participating contact me and I’ll add you to the list!

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Feel free to use any of the following images on your sidebars, posts, etc!

Blind Spot Series 2019

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