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Here it, is the obligatory category in every movie blog: Movie Reviews. Where you’ll find – you guessed it! – reviews of movies. They can be new releases or classics, american or foreign (well, american is foreign to me), and from big studios or independent filmmakers. Though chances are, every other review is a Cary Grant movie.

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Welcome I'm Sofia, creator of this blog of byronic heroes and fierce femme fatales. Where I write about movies, television and books, in hopes of inspiring you and starting awesome discussions.
Blind Spot 02: Love With The Proper Stranger, 1963
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Blind Spot 02: Love With The Proper Stranger, 1963

For February's Blind Spot I picked the classic Love With The Proper Stranger (1963), starring Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen as the romantic leads. But if you think this is just another classic romcom, think again! Mulligan's film deals with female independence, unwanted pregnancies, and the illusion of idealised love.