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2017 Year Retrospective, Part VI: The 26 Best Movies of 2017

We’re officially closing the book on last year with the Best Movies of 2017! As always, take the ranking with a gigantic grain of salt. Join me in celebrating 26 amazing films from all genres, with some terrific fan made posters on the side.

The 90th Academy Awards Reaction: Red Carpet, Ceremony, and Winners!

With awards season coming to an end, it's time to look at the biggest night of the year for movies: The 90th Academy Awards. So come on, let's talk Red Carpet moments, Best Dressed, the Ceremony, and the Winners!

Suddenly, Last February ’18: Kiss me, my girl, before I’m sick.

Here we are, first weekend of a new month! Which means it’s time for another Suddenly, Last [Month] feature. Read on for all the movies (lots of Oscar nominees!) I saw and books I read in February 2018.

TMP: Best Picture Nominees That Should’ve Taken Home The Gold

In this week's TMP we are celebrating the Oscars! By the end of March 4th, this Sunday, we'll know who takes home the gold and who leaves empty handed - and as always, we won't like all the results. Let's look at some other Best Picture nominated movies that I really wish would've won.

Blind Spot 02: Love With The Proper Stranger, 1963

For February's Blind Spot I picked the classic Love With The Proper Stranger (1963), starring Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen as the romantic leads. But if you think this is just another classic romcom, think again! Mulligan's film deals with female independence, unwanted pregnancies, and the illusion of idealised love.