The List of Shame

The List of Shame is a challenge first seen on Returning Videotapes, where you can confess all your cinematic sins of omission. The goal is to create a list of classic and cult movies you know you should’ve watched by now, but can’t seem to tackle – and let the whole world know about it. I mean, have you *really* seen Gone With The Wind?

So come join me: make your own big, shameful list, and get to know your next favourite movies! Visit the feature’s page for all the info.

The List of Shame Update: We’ve Hit 80%!

Four years after the last The List of Shame update, here's 60 classics I've crossed off the list, officially being 80% done with this challenge!
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Drums of Autumn (Outlander #04)
by Diana Gabaldon
The Wicked King (The Folk of The Air #02)
by Holly Black