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Now that I’ve had enough time to digest Lana Del Rey‘s new album, Ultraviolence, a better look at her two newest videos is order. The album is still pure Del Rey, but instead of catchy beats with a mainstream feel it has intensely atmospheric melodies and dark lyrics brought to life by the singer’s ghostly voice. Though definitely not light nor for everyone, Ultraviolence is haunting, beautiful, and absolutely addictive. You can read all about some of the most tragic songs of the album over at billboard, one of which is a cover of Nina Simone’s The Other Woman.

Accordingly, the new videos West Coast and Shades of Cool have a distinctive aesthetic style; and a closer look at both song and video can spot connections in what seems to be just two chapters of a larger story – or rather a motif: the theme of women who fall into unhealthy relationships (and even dream of them), that runs through the entire album. Here are some of the best shots. 

Directed and Edited by VINCENT HAYCOCK

Directed by JAKE NAVA
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  • I love these two videos but I’m not sure about Shades of Cool, the song. I like most of the new tracks but this one is just….not as catchy as all the others. I really hope she does a video for Ultraviolence and Money, Power, Glory.

    • Well probably none of them are as catchy as the songs from Paradise/Born to Die, but I do like Shades of Cool. It’s not my favourite, but I really like the high notes in it.

      Those have great material for videos, and judging by the album trailer there’s still at least one video left, as there are images that don’t appear in either Shades of Cool nor West Coast. 😀

  • I’m pretty much obsessed with Lana Del Rey all over again after I got her new album – such a great album. These are two seriously great songs too. Interesting direction she’s going in with the videos though, since they seem a little less, I don’t know, cinematic than her previous ones. Anyway, totally digging the way she’s going with her music!

    • Yeah you’re right Stevee, they’re not as… glossy, right? But still gorgeous! I think the style is matching that west coast feel with a touch of vintage, and a bit of surrealism. I like them, there’s this dreamlike quality to them that matches the music, don’t you think?

      I’m obsessed too, it’s absolutely addictive!

  • I’ve been listening to Lana for two years now, and out of all three of her albums I’ve got to say that Ultraviolence is my favorite. I especially love the song Old Money; the beautiful but sad, vintage feel to it and the lyrics are not as grueling as hers can often be (I love them, but, you know what I mean). By the way, your layout on here is beautiful!

    • It’s my favourite too. Old Money is a beautiful song. It’s such an interesting change of pace, and a perfect transition to The Other Woman. Thank you, Rianna!

  • I liked Born to Die a lot more, but maybe it’s just about getting used to it. The caps look really cool though, I will give the videos a watch once I have a chance. I like what you said about that theme the songs on the album share, I noticed that too!

    • I think it is, it took me a couple of listens to really get into Ultraviolence. Although in the end it’s just a matter of personal taste, really! It’s such a rich theme, I love love love the lyrics on this one.

  • I’m not a big Lana Del Rey fan, but I liked Ultraviolence a lot more than her earlier work. I’ll be interested to see if the Grammys recognize her again.

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