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Bookish Worlds or Places I’d Never Want to Live In · Top Ten Tuesday
[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ack with a new entry for book feature Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week, we explore bookish worlds we’d never want to live in. I could be persuaded to spend a night in a few of these (provided I would be safe at ALL times), but definitely no more than that. And I really had to stop myself from picking every single haunted house I know of, because those are definitely the scariest for me.

I could’ve filled this list with ten items if I had included, say, Hill House and the world of The Exorcist, or the Overlook hotel, but I already feature one ghost tale so I didn’t want to have more of the same. Oh and I did pick some places instead of worlds, because I haven’t read that much fantasy! So, let’s begin!

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Bookish Worlds or Places I’d Never Want to Live In

· top ten tuesday · the following picks are in no particular order
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08. Republic of Gilead, in The Handmaid’s Tale written by Margaret Atwood

When I read this week’s topic, this was the world I thought of immediately. As you’ll see further down this post, I’m not a fan of dystopias. So count me out of Orwell’s, Burgess’s, and of course, Atwood’s. It’s hard to imagine a more terrifying world, particularly because the level of control here affects such intimates aspects of life.

07. Number Four, Privet Drive, in Harry Potter written by J. K. Rowling

Would I love to experience the world of Harry Potter? Who wouldn’t. But where he grew up, the Dursley’s house?? Having survived all those years under the stairs with those horrible people is the real reason Harry is a hero.

06. Panem, in The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins

Dystopias are never nice. Maybe you’re the kind of person who’d like the chance to overpower an oppressive futuristic regime, but I for one really like peace and quiet. And liberty. So, no volunteering from me.

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05. Bradford Family Estate, in The Bourbon Kings written by J.R. Ward

Unlike the others on this list, the Bradford mansion is not scary, nor is it especially dangerous – even though there are murders involved. And you’d think I’d be tempted to live for a time in such a luxurious house, with more money than I could dream of. Yet, as much as I enjoy reading about this family’s dramas, living in the midst of their problems would be such a bore. Not too mention the gigantic whirlwind of intrigue and backstabbing would drive me crazy, and ruin my precious breakfast time.

04. Erilea, in Throne of Glass written by Sarah J. Maas

Ask me if I’d like to live in Prythian (the world of ACOTAR) and the answer would unwaveringly be yes. But Erilea? Somehow the world building in this series appeals far less to me, and without any truly magical, peaceful places for me to enjoy, it’s simply not worth the risk! It’s too big and confusing and violent and to be honest, with the notable exception of Tower of Dawn, I never really fell in love with the people in them.

I would make an exception for a vacation in Antica, provided all the cool characters were there with me. Although I do think making the library the most dangerous place is just mean.

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03. Area X, in Annihilation written by Jeff Vandermeer

Don’t know about you, but I like to know where I stand – and what I stand on. Living in Area X means throwing everything you know out the window, and not be able to trust a single one of your instincts. This level of uncertainty and insanity is not for me, no matter how pretty it can be in places. Also the fact that everyone will be out to kill you doesn’t help.

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02. Yorkshire Asylum, in The Ballroom written by Anna Hope

Speaking of insanity, also would never want to live in an asylum. Even if by being there I would find a once in a lifetime love affair – not worth it. Although I guess Hope does make it sound pretty romantic, if you’re into living a soul crushing tragedy.

01. Amityville Mansion, in The Amityville Horror written by Jay Anson

This bookish place is actually a real world house, but the events that take place in it are almost certainly fictionalised. Regardless of controversy, this remains one of the scariest books I’ve ever read. And yes, I’m partial to ghost stories as it is the easiest way to rob me of a nice, long sleep. Anson’s book is interesting because the writing is so simple, and the story is even a bit basic, yet the novel is exceptionally effective. Some part of me would still spend a night there but… no more than that!!

What bookish places would YOU never live in?
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  • Ooh, this was a lovely topic and too bad I missed it.
    That being said, I dislike all your picks, which I guess, makes sense. And you’re right, Throne of Glass world building isn’t as fascinating to me as Maas’ other series. The Night Court… unf, I’d move there if I could.

    I would love to see a list of 10 places/worlds you WOULD love to live in.. next week? Would there be horror themed places you would like to live in? 😀

    • Too bad I missed your comment for like a month! (sorry) 😂 I’d move to the night court too, the whole time reading the ACOMAF I was in love 😍

      Problem is I’m not sure I can find 10 book places I’d like to live in? It was actually the alternative topic to that week’s post, but I didn’t know it. Definitely The Night Court, good HP places are obvious too, maybe Hobbit places… I’ll think about it. You should definitely write it!!

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