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October Horror 2018: It’s About to Get Dark in Here.

October Horror 2018:
It’s About to Get Dark in Here.

October Horror 2018 Featured

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[spacer height=”30px”] [dropcap]M[/dropcap]y favourite time of the year is finally here!! It’s October, which means Halloween, which means horror. As is tradition, this month Returning Videotapes will be filled with disgusting monsters, creepy ghosts, and all things evil. If this sounds awful to you, don’t worry! There will be safe posts for a good night’s sleep on books and movie premieres (who’s excited for A Star is Born? 🤩).

But overall, yes: it’s about to get dark in here. For the last few years, in every October I’ve indulged in horror movies and tv shows, in reading horror books, and writing about it all on this blog. Because simply put, horror is my favourite genre. I enjoy pretty much every subgenre of it (though I try to keep body horror to a minimum), but my favourite is undoubtedly haunted houses/demonic possessions. Why? They scare me sh*tless.

[spacer height=”20px”] [left]Dracula (1931) dir. Tod Browning[/left][right]Suspiria (1977) dir. Dario Argento[/right] [left]
Dracula (1931)
dir. Tod Browning
[/left] [right]
Suspiria (1977)
dir. Dario Argento
[/right] [spacer height=”10px”]

The real reason for loving horror, though –  besides, I guess, morbid fascination – is the genre’s technical richness. There’s a specific kind of art that goes into making a horror movie. Its necessity, along with the genre’s inherent subversiveness, makes the best horror films particularly creative, and historically innovative. In the right hands, watching a horror movie is both a thrill ride and a fascinating exercise.

And that’s why we’re here again, celebrating horror films, and books! This year I won’t be reading any books from the genre – though I’ll probably still write a couple of posts on them – but I will certainly watch plenty of movies! In fact I’ve already started, kicking off my October Horror watchlist with Angel Heart (1987), The Thing (1982), and Night of The Living Dead (1968). All great, in case you’re wondering. 👌🏻

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If you want to see previous posts from this feature, check out the October Horror category! I share all my horror watchings and thoughts on twitter, too, using the hashtag #OctoberHorror. For now I leave you with some of the (new to me) horror movies I’m trying to watch this month.

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🎃 October Horror: 2018 Edition Watchlist 👻

October Horror 2018 Movie Watchlist

Are you planning on watching horror movies or reading any horror books this month? Are you a fan of this genre, or not really?
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  • Really looking forward to reading your blog this month! I used to hate and avoid all horror movies but I’ve gotten braver over the years, and I’m always on the hunt for movies to add to my ever-growing watch list 🙂

  • I plan on watching as many as I can now. I’m glad Suspiria is available for me to buy on DVD now after it hadn’t been for so long in my region. (Thank you remake) I’ve got Marrowbone and Rear Window as the next two things Netflix is going to send to me. I’ll definitely see the new Halloween in theaters. It looks like you have some great watches lined up for yourself!

    • I love Suspiria, am excited for the remake! Never heard of Marrowbone, but Rear Window is a favourite. I’ll be watching the original Halloween, hopefully in time to catch the remake in cinemas, too!

  • Classic horror is my bag and I’ll definitely be watching a lot of classic horror films this month! Everything from the original Universal horror movies to Hammer horror films starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

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