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Five ‘Private Eye’ Classic Movies · TMP
Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly movie
feature created by Wandering Through the Shelves.

When I think of private investigators, Film Noir immediately comes to mind. Alas I haven’t seen that many movies from this Old Hollywood genre, so for this week’s Thursday Movie Picks I decided to take pair the topic not with Film Noir, but with classic movies.

Some of the best movies in today’s list are in fact Film Noir or Noir-inspired, but one is actually a comedy! So if you feel like skipping dark shadows and rainy streets, I got you covered.

Check out the list of movies in the gallery bellow

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  • Ooh! I’ve been trying to make an effort to delve into Hitchcock’s work recently and I LOVE a good plot twist, so I’m 100% going to have to see Vertigo soon!

  • So glad you decided to include The Thin Man in this round-up. Without a doubt, that’s one of my very favourite films of all time. I could watch it over and over again – and I have! – and never ever tire of it. The Big Sleep is another one of my faves, and yes, it’s super confusing. You know what eventually helped me understand the plot? Reading the book. Things become a lot clearer when you read the book first and then watch the film right after.

  • Nice picks! The Thin Man has been on my to-watch list forever. Vertigo isn’t my favorite Hitchcock movie, but it’s definitely one of the best private eye movies. lol

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