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FWeekly: At Some Point, There Would Simply Be No Point.

TITLE: quote from Still Alice, by Lisa Genova | 1: Rapunzel, by Claire Keane | 2: Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s Elastic Heart
3: The Goldfinch, painting by Carel Fabritius | 4: still from Bird People, directed by Pascale Ferran
5: Stacy Martin in a promotional photo for Nymphomaniac | 6: Julianne Moore for Interview Magazine

[ all spoilers in grey ]

For the past two weeks I’ve unconsciously drifted towards three stories that depict people struggling with an illness, and how that impaired their will to live. Though not exactly correlated, their juxtaposition is one that has haunted me since.

The first was Jojo Moyes’s novel Me Before You, where a 35 year old and recently quadriplegic man plans to commit assisted suicide in six months – the cornerstone of it being that it is his decision; the second was the movie The Theory of Everything, which so conversely depicts Stephen Hawkins’s undying will to live, despite the many pains and adversities of his condition; and the third was Still Alice, a movie where a woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s can’t stop her mind for withering, and also decides that, at a certain point, she’d take her own life.

Will went through with it, Stephen is still around us, and Alice tried, but failed. Despite the different outcomes, each fight is different, and each decision is an individual one. I recommend all three works, just know that Still Alice is based on a book by the same name, and that Me Before You is soon to become a movie starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin.

On a brighter note, last week I saw Nymphomaniac and Bird People, and while the latter took an unexpected and very strange turn towards the surreal, the former was spectacular. I liked it even more than Melancholia, and though I saw the director’s cut, the hours flew by.

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Then yesterday I saw the Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Into the Woods. Though overall disappointing, there are some really clever and great moments in it. Some scenes seemed to evoke Disney’s early years, namely the Last Midnight scene: the thunder and wind, the spinning around, and the body movements of the witch were somewhat similar to those of the evil queen’s from Snow White, don’t you think? 

Another great scene was Prince Charming’s (Chris Pine) cheating duet with the Baker’s wife (Emily Blunt): absolutely loved the concept, and I was happy to see that the promise of “what happens after the Happily Ever After” was starting to show, but then the other storylines got such messy and unimpressive endings! And what was with that breakup scene? On the plus side, Agony is absolutely hilarious (just watch them rip their shirts open), as one of the best things about Into the Woods is its goodhearted mockery of the classic disney/grimm tales.

And finally, though I never heard her music, I stumbled upon Sia’s new music video and it is stunning. Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler dance together inside a large cage, reportedly a representation of Sia’s own relationship with her father, though one of her tweets hints towards an internal struggle. Either way, Ryan Heffington‘s powerful and emotional choreography and LaBeouf’s and Ziegler’s instantly captivating performances make this a must-watch.

I’m currently working on my best of the year lists
which means catching up on a few films that I still want to watch from 2014.
The first post is set to publish next week. For now, here’s the best from around the web:

Jimmy Fallon discovered the other night, on air, that he inadvertently passed on an opportunity to date Nicole Kidman – his reaction is hilariously adorable.
– Watch the Golden Globes Nominees share their cinematic crushes, for W Magazine.
Nikhat posted her favourite posters of 2014 and it’s all gorgeous.
Josh shares the ten 2015 releases he’s anticipating, which reminds me it’s time to make that list again!
MsMariah elects the best and worst movies of last year, and adds some creative and fun categories.
Brittani reviewed Wild, a movie that still has no premiere date around here and that I really want to see.
Mettel has already started her 2014 in Retrospect lists, so check them out!
Katy shared her Favourite Artwork of 2014 movies, her Best and Worst from 2014, and wrote an article on Jake Gyllenhaal‘s career – there’s no stopping this girl and I love it!
Alex lists his favourite male and female performances of the year; Ruth did the ladies category too!

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  • Hi Sofia! Many thanks for the link. I’m really looking forward to your best and worst list. I wish I would have seen ‘Birdman.’ before I did my list. I keep hearing that film is wonderful. I’m glad I skipped ‘Into the Woods.’

    • You’re welcome! I hear that too, gonna try and watch it tomorrow. Yeah no need to see the whole thing, just watch a few clips of Into the Woods if you’re into musicals.

  • Hey thanks for the link love Sofia! I feel the same way about Into The Woods. The movie is just all over the place but there are some fun moments, I especially LOVE the Agony segment, it was hilarious!!

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