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FWeekly: Blogging Update + What Autumn Will Bring!

Look who’s back with exciting news! Now hold on, I know what you’re thinking: Oh no, not the layout again… Relax guys, I’m not changing the blog’s design. I tweaked it a little – it’s stronger than me – but there won’t be any structural changes any time soon, at least not until I master this responsive template thing. And that’s going to take, like, months – which by my standards, is a lifetime.

Now, some of the above mentioned little changes actually hint at what’s coming: as you may have noticed, I put my face on the sidebar (yep, that’s me!), and added a little author bio below each post, so you know it’s going to get personal. Not this-is-now-my-online-journal personal, but kind of lifestyle personal. Every now and then I’ll share stuff that I did and that (hopefully) you’ll find interesting!

exhibit A: My upcoming trip to London! 

That was pretty much the reason why I haven’t blogged in August. You know in July I had exams. Then came the big summer vacation, and I started adding a couple of things to the blog, trying to see the big picture, what Film Flare will become this Fall. But then I got an amazing opportunity to spend one week in London and Cambridge with a couple of friends, and have been planning the trip ever since!

For two weeks I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything else. Bad news is, I won’t be around for the first half of September either. But I’ll be back with tons to share! Even cinematic things, like Platform 9¾, and the Notting Hill bookshop (ready to faint at their doorstep), maybe even 221B Baker Street! And of course, if I see someone famous, I’ll totally bring you a stalker photo.

We get it, you’re excited – but what exactly will change around here?! 

Alright, okay… Well, like I said, a bit more lifestyle (travel, cookings, events) is to be expected, but that’s not all. I’ve tried to incorporate book posts these last few months, and you guys seemed to like it, so you’ll get more of that, too! I will also share pretty much whatever I fancy in other artistic mediums, most likely incorporated in an inspiration-like feature.

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I also expect to have some artworks ready to share and sell in a few months. Not sure if I ever told you this, but I come from an artistic background (high school, college), until enter Law school and I put a stop on anything creative beyond this blog – and now I miss that artistic rush! Gotta get back to it.

One thing you can also bet on, is me providing blog design services through DaCosta Studios (yep that tab that’s been there for months is going live!). So if you know somebody in need, put in a good word for me, eh?

It will be a process, but I think this wider range of blogging themes
fits me better and, hopefully, it will fit you better, too!

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  • Yaas! An update.. I’m actually very excited for September now and I’m thriller you’re branching out in terms of the blog. I myself keep wanting to do the same but there’s just so much movie/TV show stuff out there that I can’t imagine adding a book segment as well.. But I know you’ll achieve that better than anyone would!

    Enjoy your London trip, I’ve never been but I imagine it to be awesome!

  • I was so happy to see your blog in my feed again! I hope you have fun in London. I look forward to anything else you add here too.

  • Whoa sounds exciting! Can understand why some things need full concentration. It’s good you have a design service, you’ve got a talent for it

  • Dude, you’re going to London/Cambridge?! I’m so jealous! You’re going to have an AMAZING time, trust me (but you already knew this). I noticed right away that you had added your picture to the sidebar and I’m liking the look of things ’round here *nods* Well done! x

  • This is fantastic news! Everything you described doing with the blog sounds like a lot of fun, I can’t wait to read!

    I actually just started a personal travel blog as well! –

    I hope it isn’t too spammy to link it but it would be nice to have a blog buddy 🙂

    And I’m looking forward to your thoughts on London. I’ll actually be there in October so I might have to snag a few tips from you.

  • Can’t wait to read your expanding scope of writing! I love reading lifestyle features.

    That’s exciting about your London trip! I’m actually going to be in London and elsewhere around England on a trip myself at the beginning of October. I can hardly wait. Hopefully you post about your trip before I go so I can get some last minute inspiration.

  • I cannot wait to see how this lovely blog of yours will continue to evolve. It is one that I enjoy reading. I hope you have a fantastic time in London; I look forward to reading all about your adventures once you get the chance to share them on here.


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