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FWeekly: Gliding free to that unfathomed, boundless sea, the silent grave
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This week has been [marked] by the aching delusions of Jay Gatsby, and the hauntingly beautiful words of fictional writer Amadeu de Prado. The survival techniques of Pi Patel have been a constant presence too; though those are more like a thrilling stimulant to the visual imagination, rather than the existential musings of the wandering mind.

Funny how two movies that I’m far from loving have left such an impression on me: they both have something that intrigues me so – the source material, the latter still to-read; and something that prevented me from enjoying them – Luhrmann‘s glittering aesthetics, and a rather lazy script. In the end I suppose it’s all a matter of depth, and what ultimately remains are the words of Fitzgerald and Pascal, as they did before.

This seductive melancholy was broken only by two other films: Roman Polanski’s Repulsion, and La Cage Dorée, from portuguese/french director Ruben Alves. The first is a disturbing psychological thriller that had me with a straight face for the whole time, only sporadically interrupted by expressions of disgust and a couple of short screams – so it was awesome. 

The second is an absolute hit comedy amongst the portuguese and french, with a cast from both countries. It’s about a portuguese couple who moves to France in search of a better life, as so many have done; the clash of culture and social-economic status is hysterical and, if anything, this movie is living proof that self-mockery of an entire people can be both funny and loving. I’m not sure how well the film holds with someone not familiar with the culture, but let me know if you give it a try. 

TV has been pretty much all about the fantastic Showtime series Penny Dreadful. You’ll surely see some flaws in the beginning, or at least a couple of story lines that you may not care all that much for (mine is Frankestein’s), but there’s something for every horror fan in there. And the allure of Eva Green is universally hypnotising – it could be 50min of those knowing eyes and faint smile that I’d still be there every week. In July I should resume watching Boardwalk Empire from where I last stopped, a couple of episodes into season three (aka, shortly after Jimmy’s death – why does it still sting)

As for the sounds of the week, both Night Train to Lisbon and La Cage Dorée sparked the portuguese soul inside me, so I’ve had a playlist with some favourites artists from home on repeat. I’ll share it on the sidebar, just in case you’re interested.

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  • Love love love your banner!
    I’m convinced Eva Green is from another planet – there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing she is.
    I was happy this past week when there was only one sex scene in Penny Dreadful. Not that I mind seeing them at all, except that they need to be more interesting. Thank you for the link, hon! 😀

  • Thank you so much for linking my blog Sofia! You’re so lovely!
    I’m always in awe of how beautifully your blog is presented and written, you have such lovely posts xx

  • Thank you for the mention Sophia!
    I actually haven’t seen Penny Dreadful yet, but now this post of yours just piqued my interest (i mean, Frankenstein? what is this tv show about! *got curious*

    • It has plenty of horror themes — there’s demonic possession (my favourite), vampires, the frankenstein story, Dorian Gray… it’s really interesting!

  • Thank you for the link and kind words about my recaps! I only saw 2 episodes of Penny Dreadful but I’m definitely gonna catch up soon, the music and Eva are outstanding.

    • You’re welcome Sati, you really did an amazing job. Yes do catch up; I wasn’t all that invested in the first couple of episodes, but the show got better and better!

  • Thanks for the link, Sofia! Sounds like I should keep up with Penny Dreadful, too. I adore Eva Green, but found myself sidetracked after the first couple episodes. Will have to try again…

    • Yes do, it’s getting better with each episode – the last one was really really good. So I have high hopes for the finale. 😀

      Green’s character becomes the heart of the show, maybe you’ll like that. I certainly did — hers is my favourite story, and she’s incredibly good as Vanessa. Hartnett gets really interesting too, they have a good dynamic.

  • Luhrmann’s overabundance is a sight to behold in Gatsby. I love it for the mess it is. 🙂

    Glad you loved Repulsion. That film is so chilling, and Deneuve is amazing in it.

    • I know, other people do think that, too! I just can’t bring myself to like the aesthetic… I have the same issue with Moulin Rouge. It’s a matter of personal taste really, nothing more.

      She is amazing, and the film is really disturbing in an awesome way. Happy to know you like it too, Josh!

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