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FWeekly: I Haven’t Posted in Two Weeks! Here’s Why:

Exactly two weeks ago I entered an unwanted blogging hiatus because my mac’s charger split in two. And because I’m just that lucky, my phone broke as well! It was back to ’99 for fifteen days straight, with only a big old PC to keep me company. Naturally, I denied all contact between us beyond what was strictly necessary.

But let’s get right to this week’s news!

> So Derek died, and everyone elected Shonda Rhimes the cruelest series creator in history, but she’s not! Right now she’s actually the kindest ever, because JAKE IS ALIVE.

> Taraji P. Henson hosted SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE earlier this month, and I was beyond excited, but when I finally watched it this week I ended up somewhat disappointed. She was great (and looked a-mazing), it was the sketches that weren’t funny for me. Except for Hillary, maybe.

> This week’s ONCE UPON A TIME finally explained the season’s biggest mystery: Cruella’s awful make-up is a curse! Now all that brow liner makes sense.

> There’s a new show on my radar: SONS OF ANARCHY. I’ve wanted to watch it for ever, and now that I’ve got my mac back it is happening. If all goes as planned, you can expect a SOA fangirl explosion in the next FWeekly post.

> BATMAN V SUPERMAN has a teaser now, and I actually cannot wait for, huh, 2016. But seriously though, I can’t see what’s the problem here. You’ve got Superman, Henry Cavill playing him, extra tight superhero suits, Cavill wearing them, rain, Cavill under it, possibly making the suit even tighter, definitely wetter… I just don’t get all the criticism.

> Everybody needs to see Amy Schumer’s FOOTBALL TOWN NIGHTS sketch on rape culture: hilarious and on point.

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> Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming SOUTHPAW has a new poster and it looks so damn good. What is wrong with me, there’s blood everywhere, he’s wounded and scarred… so hot.

> And finally, just for fun, make sure you watch LIP SYNC BATTLE on Spike, hosted by LL Cool J. This week’s episode was Mike Tyson vs. Terry Crews – you can’t miss it. Needless to say, Terry’s got moves.

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  • I watched Sons of ANarchy’s first season in like three days and loved it! I haven’t gotten to the second yet because I don’t know why.. man, too many things to do, so little time. I couldn’t imagine not having my laptop with so many things happening around me.

    PS: I get the technology curse.. I broke my pad as well as my phone.. kinda because both work but there’s an annoying spot on the pad screen and the phone has a weird crack.. Just my luck.

    • I hear it gets better with each season, even with seven seasons. If it weren’t for Mad Men I probably would’ve finished the first season by now, but yeah, anyway, I’m really liking it!

  • I’ve enjoyed watching Lip Sync Battle, the show’s light and funny!

    I think I’d be restless without my laptop. I can do away without having a phone for a while (went a month without one!) but definitely not my laptop.

    • It’s cool, right? Did you see Dwayne Johnson? I thought his battle was one of the funniest.

      Yeah I’m the same, I really felt a difference. Worst of all I think was not being able to watch my shows. And music, I had to listen to VH1 while getting ready… they repeat their line-ups way too much.

  • Oh, that’s rotten luck. I think I’d avoid a PC as well now. 🙂

    I really like that Southpaw poster. Can’t wait to see the movie!

    • It’s so old… it can’t even run photoshop, how was I supposed to edit my pictures? And the keyboard… it felt like I’m using a typewriter haha

      Southpaw looks seriously cool, I cannot wait either. Super excited to see Gyllenhaal in a role like that.

  • Hi Sofia! I hope you’re well. Great weekly review. Admittedly, I was secretly giddy that Jake was alive. I was so convinced that they were going to conveniently kill him off. He’s not my favorite character, that title belongs to Mellie, which is weird I guess.

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