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FWeekly: I Wanna Bite My Initials on a Sailor’s Neck

Pretty frisky, huh? No matter that it was also true for every woman ever at some point in history (is the sailor hysteria over?), the best thing about that title quote is that it came out of Ella Fitzgerald‘s lips in 1959 – which is not that early for this type of line, true, BUT it was written for the 1933 musical, Pardon My English, and the fact that no one picked it up in between is revealing. It’s from the song Lorelei, composed by George Gershwin and, perhaps most importantly because the lyrics are delicious, written by Ira Gershwin. At first I thought Ira was a woman, which made total sense for me, but she is actually a he. He of the Gershwin brothers. Okay that’s enough trivia, move on. 

i was stripper named ‘diamond dan’
The highlight of the week was by far Danny Castellano’s striptease the important themes and viewpoints at play in the The Mindy Project‘s smashing and hilarious third season premiere. You can read all about it at Vanity Fair and know that I wholeheartedly agree. I’ll just share these for context:  

take your time to really analyse the rarity Kaling’s female gaze.
The new girl in town

When someone younger than me already has a Wikipedia page filled with accomplishments it just feels weird. But at eighteen years old, Tavi Gevinson is pretty much light-years away, up and better that a lame wiki page, and I still haven’t come to terms with my feelings on this.

She’s on every magazine rocking multi-talents like a tiny female James Franco, and it’s just making everyone in their early twenties really uncomfortable. Tavi, stop being so successful and adorable. I’m kind of totally rooting for you at this point, and it feels unnatural for someone who should be actively despising teens. Go back to listening to Taylor Swift and tumblr about being wild and free or something.

Men do not naturally not love. They learn not to.
I saw The Normal Heart last Thursday night and goddamn it. It’s too beautiful and way too sad. I think the fact that I couldn’t tell how much veracity there was in it says something. 30 years later and still so much ignorance and prejudice, even in young generations. This film made me angry, and that’s not an easy feat.

Dog days – a short film
In other not so depressing news, London Film School graduate Nathan Deming has just completed his graduation short film Dog Days. He contacted me so that I could watch it, possibly write about it. It’s always a pleasure to support new directors, and his short proved to be an interesting watch – the two ingredients that drove me to share it now. Dog Days is beautifully shot, feels intimate and real in all its boredom and brotherly dynamics, and I swear I could feel the burning heat of that summer afternoon. Oh and by the way, Deming nailed the tone shift he describes below. Here’s what he has to say about it:

See Also

A portrait of adolescence, brotherhood, and a moment of discovery. Stephen and Isaac are bored to death on a hot summer day when the dog goes missing. The drama unfolds slowly, moment by moment, like real life. Stephen struggles to contain his younger brother and find some purpose in himself. I worked hard with Joran and Clayton to capture bits of their own relationship on film: Joran, quiet and introspective, Clayton, loud and goofy.  

I wanted to avoid music, to avoid anything melodramatic about a family pet getting hurt. I wanted to focus on the physical, the heat of the sun on their skin, the shift in nature from benevolent to menacing once the dog’s wound has been discovered. I wanted 4:3 out of nostalgia, and I wanted the camera work to feel one step away from “found footage.” I wanted to tell a simple story that culminated in one moment – Stephen’s ride back to the house on the tractor – and the overwhelming feeling that on this boring summer day he might’ve just opened Pandora’s box.

so go ahead and watch the trailer!
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    • It’s great right? 😀 I get into an old times mentality when I listen to Ella and such, so when she sang it I was like ‘oh my god I can’t believe she just said that’!

  • I still haven’t seen The Normal Heart…I should probably make a double feature of it with Ruffalo and one of his great many films that is out somewhere – he seems to be everywhere these days and that’s fantastic.

    • I’m loving his omnipresence too – in the past few years I almost forgot how great an actor he is. The Normal Heart has really good performances, and the way they treat his relationship with Bomer’s character is so precious. It’s rare to see this kind of portrayal of gay relationships, sadly.

      You should definitely do that! I plan on watching Begin Again next, I hear he’s great in it.

  • Oh my, Tavi Gevinson has grown up.. I read about her back when she had red hair and looked like a normal teenager but now she looks fab and it makes me jealous. Damn, I do feel unaccomplished in my life now.
    PS: Danny is perfect! Danny is the kind of man I want.. also, his affection with butts is actually cute and less horrific than those videos on YouTube by female singers promoting their booties.. I wish sometimes stuff wasn’t in our faces like that.. until Danny takes off his shirt, that I don’t mind in my face.. mmm.. Danny.

    • See that’s another point: she’s only eighteen, yet “she grew up” because this girl has been around doing awesome things for ages!

      Yes to everything Danny, I actually feel like the sailor quote perfectly applies to him. 😉 Gaah I love them, they’re such a cute, great couple. Okay I’m fangirling all over, let’s stop. (oh and butts like the anaconda song? It’s catchy though, haha)

  • HAHAHA That striptease is fucking epic (and I don’t even watch that show)! I loved the way she helped remove his belt – I think I may have to try that next time when I’m alone with a guy *wink wink*

    Thanks for including me in your ‘best from around the web’ bit! DIAL M FOR MURDER looked fantastic in 3D – especially the bit where Grace Kelly is almost strangled to death on top of the desk. It was really gripping! x

    • Right?! It was the perfect blend of sweet, funny and sexy. Oooh, definitely try that – and if you find a guy who can strip like that, hold on to him 😛

      That scene is fantastic, I can only imagine how much better it must be in 3D ! 😀

  • The Normal Heart is sad and beautiful >_< i cant even start writing about it because i'd be overwhelmed with emotion everytime i think about it. I am so glad Murphy decided to buy the right and did a great adaptation from the play 🙁
    Tavi! I remembered her when she still rocks that blueish hair of hers.
    Oh pretty illustration of Valentina acqua floreale (my current favorite scent is Valentina though)

    • I can’t write about The Normal Heart either, just thinking of it makes me wanna scream at people.

      I prefer Valentina too, though I usually go for sweeter perfumes. The most floral I have is the YSL Parisienne, and I’m still getting used to it! But this was so beautiful. It’s by Kelly Smith from Birdy & Me (should’ve linked it, but I was too lazy), idk if you know her. She has really cool illustrations:

    • I know right! even now when supposedly there are already advances and more tolerance a lot of discrimination still occurs..

      Ah i don’t usually go for floral ones because i find most of them can be very overpowering at times. I guess i am more into a fruity scent since my everyday to go scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh 🙂

      Thanks for the link 😀 it reminds me of this illustration of perfume bottle as well

    • It’s sad that despite all the progress, ignorance and intolerance still dominates in the real world. 🙁

      Ah me too usually prefer fruity scents (my daily to go scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh) I initially bought Valentina because i really love the bottle and i liked the smell (which i’ve grown to love now)

      Ah that reminds me of this illustration of Floral Alchemy too

    • Hmm I’ve never tried that Marc Jacobs, but I have been guilty of buying perfumes because of their lovely packaging, too 😛

      In fact I’ve had Valentina in my hands many many times because it’s so beautiful. It’s like I WANT to like the scent just so I can buy the bottle.

      Wow, those illustrations are gorgeous!

  • Dog Days sounds intriguing. It looks like it’s in the vein of British films like Fish Tank and The Selfish Giant – two films I adore.

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