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FWeekly: I’m a Donna Fan
FWeekly is just a fancy way to say week recap/link post. 
It has titles too now, because experts say your attention span is really short. 
You really should work on that.

pure fucking sex on a throne
This week’s True Blood episode was so good. There was nothing crazy going on, everybody just slowed down, and that allowed for the richness of all the characters to come forth. We got deliciously hilarious flashbacks of Eric, Pam and Ginger when they still owned/worked at a video store; we got Eric making fun of Bill, and the latter accepting it gracefully just before realising his friend is sick; Moyer’s face goes through it all. This lead to a couple of dramatic and endearing moments that we missed. so. much. 

The cast of Mad Men recently celebrated the show’s sad-may-it-never-arrive ending, and this is what we know: They sang broadway hits and songs from Frozen; they wished they were cooler; John Slattery has some Sinatra going on; Jon Hamm teared up when Anna saved Elsa (which basically gives every man permission to open up about it as well, so come out, come out…). As a bonus, here are 25 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Mad Men’.

My latest british tv/crime show obsession is keeping us fans on edge with a new provocative trailer for its second season. Looks great, and what a killer tagline. Meanwhile, the executive producer of Supernatural, Jeremy Carver, has released a statement about the next season [spoiler-free]: the Demon Dean storyline will be in full swing, together with the previously introduced werewolves, and Castiel will be trying rehabilitate his grace. There will also be Sam looking for Dean, a mysterious character on the same hunt… He also said Dean’s demon self may be surprising to the show’s fans. Sounds good to me. 


As for movies, this past week was quite strong: there wasn’t a movie I didn’t like, and most of them were actually really, really good. It started with Rocky and When Harry Met Sally; then I moved on to Trance, Filth, and since I was on a yummy accents ride, I went ahead and saw Locke, too. These made me eager to watch more 2014 releases, so I tackled Le Week-End (which reminded me of the ‘Before’ trilogy) and Grand Piano. And then topped it all off with a classic romance, The Bridges of Madison County. Sexy stuff.

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It’s hard to pick the best one, but Locke and The Bridges of Madison County are the ones that will most likely become all-time favourites. Grand Piano was, by far, the biggest surprise: I’m still not sure if I like it or love it, because it’s such a strange format I’ll need some to digest it, but I’d recommend it to those of you who like films that take risks.

bonus: Teddy Sears from Masters of Sex (it’s back!) talks about his mom’s reaction to the show. 

– Alex lists the top 52 things he loves about No Country for Old Men, that no one talks about. 
Sati writes about Under the Skin, and though I haven’t gotten around to read the post because I’m still finishing the novel, I’m sure it’s a good read, as always.
– Nika from Running Reel (found a new blog!) shares her Top 10 Tattoos in Movies.
– Here’s two entries for the Against the Crowd blogathon, Mettel Ray‘s and Karamel Kinema‘s.
Mette reviews Insomnia, for her Alaskathon.
– And finally, Brittani loved last week’s True Blood episode as much as did.

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  • Mad Men cast belting out Frozen and Defying Gravity is something i’d love to see! We need videos!! You seemed to be having a great week movie wise! I still needed to see Locke, since i missed it when it was having a limited release locally.
    Thank you for the link Sofia 🙂

    • YES we do; I can’t believe no one recorded and shared! I’m still hopeful something will leak. I did have a good week, whenever I have exams it’s the easiest way to relax at night! I hope you get to see Locke soon, it’s great 😀

  • Oh, The Fall.. oh oh. Oh! Man, I miss that.. I kind of like Donovan in that, though I’m fairly certain I won’t like him in Fifty Shades of Gray.. We’ll see, if they have him as dark and broody as in The Fall, I might give it a try.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Yeah that’s my hope, too. I wasn’t really convinced until I saw him in The Fall and thought that he could actually do something good with that role, if they let him, so we’ll see. No beard is a bad start, though 😛

  • Hope you’re liking Under the Skin the novel. The film is far, far cry from it and as usual knowing the genius of source material ruins the movie experience. The film is good as a standalone thing but I wish we got a closer adaptation.

    Thank you for the link!

    • I am, and I was thinking the same thing about the film. The novel is so, so rich, with so much inner dialogue and metaphors and little observations… it’s not easy to capture all of that. You’re welcome, I’ll read it later this week after watching Under the Skin!

  • Ooo I loved Locke too! I’m not watching True Blood yet. I will catch up with the madness once exam ends but I’m happy to hear that things are getting better.

    • They really are, even last night’s episode was so, so great. The madness is gone, for now, it’s perfect.

      Oh Locke was amazing, and did you notice/found at the end that the guy was Andrew Scott? 😀

  • I really hope Carver means that demon Dean is really, really gay. It would be hilarious, if it would come after I’ve stepped out of the wishing pool and am out the fandom, too.

    Really really glad True Blood’s getting better! I’ve never watched it, but I feel the pain of everyone who’s saying it’s been getting worse and worse.

    • haha that would be funny — so impossibly out of character! From what JA said at Comi-Con it’s more like he’s partying all the time, not caring about a thing. I think it makes sense that he’d be like that, after all the stress and responsibility he’s been through.

      Yeah it did get a bit crazy, though I’ve always liked it. But now I’m loving it! I’m really happy the show’s ending like this.

  • I want to watch Locke again, but it was great. I also really liked Le Week-End, which had an endearing quality and terrific lead performances. Glad you watched Trance. I still think it was one of the best (and craziest) films released last year.

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