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FWeekly: Life is a Struggle for Relevancy

title: quote from book Dating-ish, by Penny Reid
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At last, a new weekly recap! Haven’t done one of these in ages. Truth be told, I rarely feel like I have enough content to fill these up, but I have missed linking your posts so much. So bringing this feature back was a no brainer. That said, I’m not sure if I’ll publish them weekly or bi-monthly, we’ll see how it goes!

books + books + books
Just a couple of days ago I finished a book I’ve been reading for a month. It was Meagan Spooner’s Hunted, a Beauty and the Beast retelling where Beauty is a badass hunter. And while I didn’t love it (it was okay), I am thankful to it because it successfully broke a long chain of DNF’s that started in early 2017. There’s nothing I hate more than not finishing a book I’m already invested in, if even the investment is pure curiosity.

DNF-ing right in the beginning is fine, you just realised the book wasn’t for you. But that was not the case here: I’ve been dropping books I read 60-80% of, which is insane! I’d start a book, dig the story, get excited, only to have the plot die on me halfway through it. I still think about how Wintersong or Passenger might’ve ended – I may never know! And that almost happened with Hunted, but I powered through and it payed off because, at the very least, it felt like a spell was broken, ha.

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…and some more books
Technically, I did read an entire book while avoiding Hunted, but it was a contemporary MC romance – a fleeting, superficial affair whose life-changing powers are, at the very least, unreliable. So let’s say Meagan Spooner did the trick. Of course, even if she hadn’t, I knew I’d be out of this slump in no time because there’s A NEW PENNY REID BOOK in stores! I said to myself “you’re going to take it slow this time Sofia, prolong the enjoyment, it will be better this way”.

I read it in two days. And that’s because for the most part of one I had an exam and was out all day so, really, I read it in one night and one morning. No self-control. Now I’m sitting here waiting for her next release because, what else am I going to do? She’s one of the best contemporary romance writers out there, it’s a fact.

I’d like Dating-ish (in all the excitement I totally forgot to say what book it was) to be my first book review here on the blog, but I’m still wrapping my head around writing a book review. I tried taking notes but I get so into books that, before I know, I’m in the final chapter, feelings out of control, unable to form a coherent sentence about any of what just happened – what did happen? I fear it will be “I LOVE THIS BOOK YOU MUST READ IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT” every other line. But I guess I’ll just go with my gut and see what happens.

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films & tv shows
TV-wise, I’m still watching Twin Peaks (trying to finish before the revival’s premiere TOMORROW), and slowly re-watching Mad Men. I’ve also adopted Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey as my study background noise, which frankly hasn’t worked out so well because that show is fascinating. The visuals are so gorgeous, I could stare at galaxies all day. For movies I re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy because I haven’t seen Vol. 2 yet and desperately needed my baby Groot fix.

See Also

+ this week’s posts & updates
Lately I’ve posted the usual monthly recap where I talk about the great tv shows I’ve seen recently, a list of the book releases I’m most eager to read this month, and our new podcast episode on On The Waterfront, so be sure to read/listen and tell me what you think!

All social profiles are back in business too, particularly Twitter (where I mostly share Twin Peaks screens these days), Facebook (are any of you still on there?!), and Instagram (where a themed-feed is coming alive).

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and finally, all the links!
+ first and foremost, let me share Nikhat’s film school project!! It’s a short/music video of Muse’s awesome cover of Feeling Good, and it is badass. Give yourself a present and watch it, share the hell out of it, and then give her your feedback! #SOPROUD
+ this week’s Thursday Movie Picks topic (a feature I need to take part in again!) was the Renaissance, you can check all the entries on Wandering Through the Shelves
+ Mettel Ray celebrated 7 years of blogging fabulousness with the comeback of a much beloved blogathon: The Movie Alphabet! Her own Vol. 2 is already on her blog, where you can also sign up for the event
+ Film Grimoire shares five reasons to watch The Young Pope, and I’m sold!
+ Sati did another instalment of her Visual Parallels feature, this time comparing Logan with Mad Max: Fury Road and the results are insane
+ Brittani reviewed I Am Michael, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and more!
+ Katy shared her thoughts on the new poster for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother, which is enticingly creepy
+ and lastly, Maria from Big City Bookworm held a blog tour of author Megan Miranda’s The Perfect Stranger, a highyl anticipated mystery novel I’m putting on my TBR for a rainy day

And that’s it for the comeback posts of weekly recaps, phew!
How was your week? Have you read or seen any of the things I’ve shared?
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  • I love this.. everything about it. And I’m not just saying that because you featured my link, no, I’m saying this because I’ve missed you here on the blogashpere and it seems you are back, back full steam and I love the book related posts! Oh and I need to get to Twin Peaks.. because I have now tried twice and third time’s the charm, right!?


    • awww, thank you so much

      Third time is the charm – get on it and catch up quick so we can gush/hate (i really don’t know where it is going right now) on the new season together

  • Thanks so much for the link! I cannot believe I have been planing a rewatch of Twin Peaks for like a year now and it’s the day of the premiere and I still didn’t do that ://

  • Thanks for linking my post, hon! <3 It's so nice to see you blogging again! Hunted has been on my TBR forever. A lot of BATB retellings have been a bit disappointing, so I've been procrastinating reading them. I look forward to trying Hunted anyways. Happy you could find some books to complete!

    • You’re so welcome Katy! Update on Hunted though, I didn’t like it the end! I guess you’re right, many BATB retellings are disappointing 🙁 But some people liked it, so give it a shot yes!

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