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FWeekly: Prelude to a (fictional) Rape Scene

This weekly recap comes some weeks later due to the curse that bears upon every college student: exams. Or is the true curse our inexplicable laziness up until two days before said exams? I wouldn’t know. And if you’re one of those people who rations their study throughout a reasonable period, get out – you don’t know my pain. Also, help me.

But that’s not the pain I came here to speak of. It was the fictional kind of pain, the one suffered by those who don’t even exist. Yet a part of us suffers with them, because we know or can very well imagine how it feels: I’ve never had my hand nailed to a table by an eighteenth century sadist, but I imagine it hurts, a lot; just like I know the man responsible deserves hell for it.

What in Don’s name am I talking about? I’m talking about the other rape scene that rocked our screens two weekends ago; or rather, the prelude to a rape scene, since licking Jamie’s back won’t cut it for old Black Jack.

I’m not getting into the GAME OF THRONES controversy because, like all internet freak outs, it’s already over. But OUTLANDER is still happening, and in some ways the show went much, much further than GoT. I’ll get into the show’s depiction of sexual violence next week, so for now let’s just brace ourselves for the intensity of tonight’s episode. Having read the book and knowing the show tends to go even further… it’s going to be heavy. Hang on, Jamie – the cows are coming!

On sadder tv happenings, MAD MEN has ended. I can’t believe it, hold me. I loved the finale – not as an episode, but as a conclusion, if that makes sense. But more on that later: the momentum may be a bit off, but since I couldn’t do it earlier I’ll have the final review up in a few days. As well as some posts in the upcoming weeks, lists and such. It’s too important a show to let it pass without a blog celebration!

On my last recap I said I’d be back with some heavy SONS OF ANARCHY fangirling, and you’re getting it! Sort of. I was on a crazy ride for the first three seasons, went through the whole thing in like two weeks. I was deep into SAMCRO – I felt for these people, really – even mildly freaking out when I actually saw a biker wearing a club vest at the gas station.

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But then something about Season 4 didn’t sit well with me – repetitive plot points? Tara’s new bangs? I don’t know. The hype was gone, and so I stopped. But I’ll pick it up again, especially since Jax’s hair and beard style sees major improvements in later seasons. I don’t dig the short hair bad schoolboy thing. This stuff matters, okay?

And finally, the HANNIBAL premiere is so close! Our cannibal crush returns this Thursday, on a bike, wearing a leather jacket, tousled hair… and there’s a dance. I can’t be held responsible for what I’ll write in next week’s post.

What have you been watching lately?
And has anyone seen the new ‘Penny Dreadful’ episodes?

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  • As you know, I am on a TV fast but it ends tomorrow, yaaassss! I am so scared for Outlander.

    • I wasn’t scared because like I said, I never thought they’d actually go there. BECAUSE NO ONE DOES. I’m glad the writers proved me wrong, though – that episode needs an Emmy, now. That was… bold, and so damn well executed.

      Oh Hannibal is getting such awesome reviews!! Thursday can’t come fast enough.

  • I’ve been meaning to watch Outlander for a while now and I STILL haven’t gotten ’round to it. I’ve read the first two books in the series, so I know what’s gonna happen, but still – I’d like to sit down and watch at least a few episodes.

    • The show goes even further than the book at times, so I’d say it’s worth it. Plus fans in your situation seem to be loving the adaptation. It really is such a well made show, in every aspect. But the acting… it’s beyond, an amazing cast.

      I’m certain that if you start you won’t be able to stop!

  • I’m actually finishing up ‘Hannibal’ season 2. Mads and Gillian have been great. I’m still not sure how I feel about Hugh Dancy. Yes, I was one of those people who decided to stop watching GoTs. To be fair, I had only seen one ep this season. I just haven’t felt the need to catch up. I wasn’t outraged like other people were, I just felt like when a show stops being entertaining it’s time to stop watching. However, I’ve heard that these final eps have been quite good.

    I saw the first eps of Outlander season 1. I need to catch up on S2. I’ve heard mixed things about it…some of the same complaints people have about GoTs. Like I heard there was one ep where Claire got beat by her husband.

    • I feel the same way about Dancy, but the rest of the show makes up for my mixed feelings. Honestly I’ve been bored by Game of Thrones for a while now, until this week’s episode, which was the best I’ve seen in a long, long time. Maybe pick it up again? I can tell that at least for Hardhome it is worth it!

      That is actually the one scene in Outlander with which I have issues with, especially having read the book, where it was nicely handled. Basically, she did something bad, and he spanked her for it, because that’s what husbands did like 250 years ago. The problem is not the spanking itself (she resists a lot and gets angry and shocked like any 20th century woman, and later on he ends up regretting doing it) but the fact that there was “fun music” playing in the background! That was so confusing, like was it supposed to be fun?? Because it looked like it really hurt. It didn’t work for me, but it is in NO WAY reason to stop watching the show.

      Unless you have issues with the depiction of sexual violence, because there’s quite a bit of that, it’s one of the core themes of the show. Especially in the later episodes, which is when Outlander reaches a whole new level. If you give it a try let me know what you thought of it!

  • I’m interested in reading what you have to say about Outlander. I watched the first season when I had a free preview of Starz, but I no longer have that. Plus so many are comparing it to GoT, when I think that scene, stupid story line considered was actually done very tastefully.

  • I love me some Outlander. Like I’m obsessed with it ever since January. The show. Then I read pretty much all of the 8 books. Now I’m obsessed with Sam (‘cuz he’s hot) and Sam & Cait being together (the engagement announcement is coming i think!)

    Let me not start on how devastating the finale was. I read the book beforehand so I knew what was coming but to see it was a whole ‘nother level. I still have friends who are mad at me for getting them into the show.

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