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FWeekly: The TV Shows I’m Watching, and the Ones I Dropped

I’ve been annoyingly sick for two weeks now with a damn cold that’s not serious enough to skip college, yet bad enough to prevent me from thinking straight. I spent these past 15 days either sleeping in bed or in class, hence the absence.

I hate colds.

Back in September my viewing schedule was crawling with promising new shows and old affairs, from twenty-minute comedy sensations to one hour long experimental dramas. A month later and half of them are gone, for all kinds of reasons. Here’s the gist of it:

A to Z: This is seriously the most adorable show on tv right now, which should be no surprise since it stars two actors with the most adorable faces ever (just look at them): Cristin Milioti and Ben Feldman. The supporting characters aren’t that great [edit: MLS had the same issue, but hopefully A to Z won’t have the same fate], but the concept and leading actors alone make this the show I wait all week for.

Manhattan Love Story: like I said, the supporting characters are an issue (in fact, they’re quite bad), but MLS is still an easy, interesting watch. The inner dialogue is fun and mostly true, the two actors compelling and lovable, and I’m hoping it goes even further with the whole “honest thoughts” narrative. [ edit: just got cancelled, effective immediately. What happens to the unaired episodes? Give them to me! ]

The Affair: Real quality TV here, serious stuff. Really good. Perhaps too good for this still summer-hot weather. 

How to Get Away With Murder: Not sure about this one. Viola Davis is amazing, and I’m intrigued by Karla Sousa’s character but, apart from that, very few things pull me in at this point.
the mindy project & BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Still hilarious.
Supernatural: Deanmon and the King of Hell, bromance of the season. Still entertaining, perfectly balancing comedy, drama, and horror. I’m in it until the end, which is not coming.

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scandal: Well, this is reaching new levels of crazy. I’m in it only for Jake and Abby. Everyone else is so tired – yes tired (and not just tiring), like they ran out of energy. I don’t know how long it will last for me. Shonda, come on! 
law & order: svu: After all these years, SVU still does it for me. This new season has had some pretty controversial cases, and I’m loving the new detective, Carisi.
once upon a time: My new addiction, such a cute little show. I’m binge watching, currently halfway through the second season. Emma and Hook is gonna happen, right? How long do I have to wait.

so long…

the originals & The Vampire Diaries: Both for essentially the same reason: you’re walking around in circles. 
Grey’s Anatomy: I meant to stop when Lexie and Sloan died, but I absolutely draw the line at Yang. There’s just nothing left at this point.
Awkward: I should’ve never started it, but I’m okay now.
New Girl: Not even sure what happened, but I lost interest. Didn’t you?
Modern Family [for now]: I still love this show but I need to lighten my schedule – as you can see, I’m currently following nine [edit: eight.] shows! So Modern Family will take the fall simply because I can pick it up whenever I want and happily binge-watch it.

I’ve seen the red band society pilot, and it looks good – saving it for another time.
Considering starting gotham when the days get shorter, and maybe outlander when I get over my premature book DNF.

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what shows are you watching this season?

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  • Thanks for the link! I’m kind of thinking about giving up Gotham..I’m just not that interested in it anymore. I thought it had potential, but at this point I don’t care if I miss it or not.

    • I’m not rushing to watch it either, it just sounds a bit generic, but that’s my impression. Maybe I’ll switch that option with catching up on Boardwalk Empire, I see you’re still watching it 😀

  • I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries a couple of years ago. The show was just getting stupider and stupider. And good God, what was The Originals? How could one show screw up two of my fave characters so fucking badly?! In case you were wondering, I was referring to Elijah and Klaus. Ugh, those men. So dreamy.

    • Best thing you ever did was give up TVD that soon – nothing good came after. I liked the first few episodes of The Originals, but halfway through last season I lost interest, and now I’m not even gonna try because YES, they really ruined Elijah and Klaus – my favourites, too! Marcel was also cool, until he suffered the same fate.

  • Going to school when you’re sick is so terrible. I hope you feel better! 🙂

    Really nice list! Anytime I talk about Scandal I disclaim my love for it by saying the first two seasons were the best. It’s a guilty pleasure but the writing is going around in circles. I hang onto for Jake and Mellie.

    So happy you joined OUAT fanwagon! That show is so freaking adorable.

    This season of Doctor Who is on and off; good one weekend, and then just okay the next.

    The Walking Dead still does it for me. That’s my #1 show.

    • I do feel better now, thank you! I know, I used to love it too! Now I look at Olivia and Fitz and just think “get over it” – it’s sad. And everyone else is also ruined in some way, I wouldn’t even know where to start fixing this show. Oh Mellie is good, too. 🙂

      I’m happy I started OUAT: there’s always a lot of things happening on that show, it’s so fun! And I find it refreshing that it stars so many little known actors.

      I started watching Doctor Who (Smith version) some time ago, it was very creative. I’m sorry it’s not as good as you hoped – is it the Doctor actor or the show itself? Because I was pretty excited about Capaldi.

      Oh I know some people who really love The Walking Dead – it’s quite the sensation around here, too 😀

    • Totally agree – their relationship used to have some allure to it but now it’s pretty obvious they are not right for each other, and it shouldn’t work out. And, sadly there really isn’t another relationship to be invested in.

      I LOVE Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, but the writing is okay. It just seems to be amazing one week and then a little mediocre the next. It’s not the worst thing on television that I could be watching though. The season finale is actually two weeks and I don’t want to see it end!

      It’s funny how popular Walking Dead has become. I remember when it was just a tiny little show just starting out.

  • A to Z is a cute show, and I want to see where it goes. Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled any time soon! How to Get Away With Murder’s current episodes are not at par with the pilot, and it does get repetitive at times but hopefully it gets better. I also gave up on New Girl, I have no idea what the show wants to do with itself.

    • yay, another A to Z fan! I’m invested now, so I too hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Losing Manhattan Love Story was bad enough already.

      I haven’t even seen this week’s How to Get Away With Murder episode, it really is faltering a little. But there’s enough good stuff to keep me wishing it gets better, too. I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more of a courtroom/criminal investigation show than it is.

      The season premiere of New Girl was so disappointing. It does seem like NG lost itself. :/

  • I watched both pilots for A to Z and Manhattan Love Story. I liked them both but I suppose if one had to go I’m glad it was MLS. Both shows have the issue where I’m not certain of the longevity of either concept. Hopefully Tipton quickly finds something elsewhere because I really like her!

    • Yes, I have to agree with you on that one. But still, I wanted a full season for MLS, it seems a little irrational that is was cut so soon… A to Z supposedly has as many episodes as letters in the alphabet, it’s a little weird, actually. They better fix the supporting characters soon though – especially his/her best friends. Oh, she’s great 😀

  • I watched the pilot for How To Get Away With Murder yesterday, and I fully agree with you. Davis was great, but that show was all over the place. And the editing was way too over-caffeinated for my tastes.

    • The editing only gets worse, literally to the point where there’s a work/caffeine montage (ha) that is so completely out of style it hurts. It’s also very repetitive – the flashbacks are constantly showing the same scenes, adding next to nothing to the main plot (which, btw, doesn’t improve either). Kind of disappointing.

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