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Suddenly, Last April: Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

April was definitely a tv show kind of month. I mostly catch up on my tbr/tbs during a quick meal, or at night before going to bed, and last month I just didn’t have the energy to sit through an entire movie. So I watched only two: Beauty and the Beast and The Lady Vanishes. The first one was a nice nostalgic trip to the cinemas, and the latter was a bit of a disappointment.

Reading-wise, it wasn’t great either! I didn’t finish a single book. Not. One. There were quite a few horrible DNF’s that almost had me losing all hope in contemporary romance and YA. Then I picked up Hunted, by Megan Spooner, and… ugh. I liked it for a while, but at this point I’m just powering through it. I tried The Name of the Wind, but the enormity of it didn’t sound like a good way to get out of a reading slump. Hopefully, with my copy of ACOWAR arriving next week I’ll climb out of it with what I expect will be an awesome read.

The TV Shows I Saw

+ Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul
So, we got Netflix. That pretty much explains everything you’re about to read.
To this date I’m not sure why, but I’ve decided to watch Better Call Saul before watching Breaking Bad. Technically it is set before the events of BB and, being a spin-off, it doesn’t really matter if you see one first or the other. The only thing that happens is that the revelations and connections and the oh-that-character!‘s are reversed. Still, it’s kinda odd.

Though right now that does no longer matter because yes, I finished Breaking Bad! It’s shocking how long it took for me (tv addict, expert binger, demi-snob) to see it. Even more shocking, I didn’t know how it ended – thank god. And thus, four years later than every single person on earth with access to a television and/or internet, I can say: Breaking Bad was a damn fine show. It was smart, funny, action packed, and very well written. All the characters were great. Binging it was an absolute rush. 

gif from kimwexler

Now, Better Call Saul, that’s a different story. It’s smart and funny too, but overall it’s more of a slow burner that revolves around character development – and oh, what a character. The writers and Bob Odenkirk do such a great job. But, those side characters… I realise now that only the ones from BB are actually good. Howard and Kim (sorry) bore me to tears, and I hate Chuck. It’s not oh-he’s-mean-but-cool hate, it’s just hate. Words can’t describe the wonderful feeling of seeing Chuck get screwed – that last episode was bliss.

+ Twin Peaks
Before watching Twin Peaks, my feelings towards David Lynch’s movies came exclusively from the only movie directed by him that I’d seen: Eraserhead. At the time I liked it because it was weird, and I was a teenager, so: weird = cool = must absolutely love and rave about. Since then, whenever I think of Lynch, the main reaction it provokes is discomfort. I mean, that movie is weird. It’s unsettling, it’s not pleasant, I don’t want to see it again. Maybe that makes it genius. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself*. Point is, I wasn’t the biggest fan. But Twin Peaks has always been on my watchlist, and when I heard there would be a revival this year I knew I had to see it.

It’s not nearly as freaky as Eraserhead – but then, those mind-fuck levels are hard to match – it’s more… quirky. And scary, in that disturbing/surreal kind of way (the dreams, the giant, freaking Bob). And hilarious. I’m a bit past the middle of the second season, and loving it so far.

See Also

+ Mad Men [ yes, again ]
And finally, I’ve been rewatching Mad Men. Do I really want to watch something I’ve already seen when I’ve got SO MANY shows to catch up on? I was hesitant at first – I mean, it’s only been two years since the finale. But as soon as Band of Gold started playing, I knew I had made the right decision. This show is ridiculously good. Every scene is bursting with little clues and symbolic details.

I knew this of course, but when you rewatch Mad Men, knowing the characters and plot, you notice it all in a way you never could before. Because now you speak the language. And that makes it a hundred times better. Plus look at those two, how could I not?!

What You Can Expect This Month:

+ Twin Peaks will be the spotlight towards the end of the month, so some special posts related to it plus, hopefully, recaps/reviews of the revival (which premieres on the 21st!)
+ Book reviews of the ACOTAR series in light on the release of ACOWAR, and of Penny Reid’s Dating-ish (I might re-read some of her other books since I need good reads right now, so maybe reviews of those too!)
New Podcast Episode about On The Watefront. We’re recording one on Alien: Covenant, but it probably won’t come out before June.
+ and more, like: this month’s most exciting book releases, a blind spot update + may’s blind spot movie, etc !

AND, my instagram and twitter are back on track!
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    • It was just kind of slow. I was watching it on demand, then when they removed the episodes I never bothered to look for them elsewhere. The acting was great though, and I think I would probably like it better now.

  • Wooooo you’re back!!! And it seems like you have at least watched some tv shows while I have not.. and kept myself busy with reading. I reread ACOTAR and ACOMAF and I’m now picking up ACOWAR. We can gush about it soon!! 😀

    • YES 😀 I *was* in a slump so reading was not an option. But I think I’m out of it now, almost finished with the book I’m currently reading!

      Oh you’ll finish before me though, ugh! I have a test this Friday and I KNOW I can’t start reading ACOWAR (nor any exciting book release, really) before that because once I do I won’t get anything done until I finish it.

      So, I’ll be peacefully re-reading ACOTAR and ACOMAF. I’m excited though – the first time I read them was in epub format, but now I bought the paperbacks so it’s a different experience 😀

  • Glad you’re digging Twin Peaks. You’re right that series is such a mind-fuck, but a hilarious one. Can’t wait for it to start back up.

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