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Suddenly, Last April + Gearing Up For Solo!

Suddenly Last April 2018

[spacer height=”40px”] [dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m starting to think that maybe I should publish these posts on the first day of every month, instead of on the first weekend? What do you guys think?? April was pretty much the month of Captain America, in that I saw The First Avenger, Winter Soldier, and Civil War, plus Avengers: Infinity War (which, surprisingly, was very much not a Cap film). And that’s it!

I didn’t read any books, though I did start one that is shaping up to be very disappointing The Lullaby Girl. I really liked the first book in the series, The Drowned Girls, but I’m halfway through the book and nothing. is. happening. Every scene is so uninspired I’m just beyond bored reading this book.

But in April I also caught up with Jane The Virgin, which… wow. Some of you know why I’ve been so absent this past month, and I want to thank you guys for all the support. At the end of this post I’ll share what you can expect in May here on the blog, so let’s dive in.

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Suddenly, Last April 2018

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Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of wizards · The Films Of April

You already know I watched a whopping total of four movies last month, all from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I did plan on watching all 18 before Infinity War, but soon it was clear to me that wasn’t going to happen. Since I started with The First Avenger, I figured I might as well stay on course with Captain America and watch all his films! And I’m glad I did because somehow I didn’t like them at all when I first watched them, but this time… what was I thinking?! They’re really good.

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Captain America Steve Rogers
Winter Soldier might just be my favourite because not only the story is particularly compelling (the whole Bucky dillemma), but also because the actions sequences are so memorable, and one of themyou know what I’m talking abouteven iconic. The elevator fight scene has to be my all time favourite from the MCU.

The First Avenger I’ve always loved because it’s got History, and Agent Carter, and lots of feelings – so overall it’s a very charming and inspirational superhero movie. Civil War I didn’t remember at all because I actually fell asleep watching it in the theatres (it is long and wine was involved), but ended up really liking it as well. A rift within the Avengers makes for a good plot, and once again we get an unforgettable action sequence.

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Jane The Virgin
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It’s a non-stop boob parade · The TV Show Of April

I caught up with just one tv show last month, thanks to Nikhat reminding me of its existence. These days, if a show is not on Netflix, how am I supposed to remember it’s back on?? Said series was of course Jane The Virgin, which had a shocking revelation in its season finale that I sort of called… though maybe with the wrong clue?! My catch up binge began with Chapter 79, during which there’s a cliffhanger the narrator will “save for later”. It shows someone’s feet and at the time it looked like man’s sneakers to me, so I assumed it was a male character that was coming back.

It’s just hard to give up on the idea that something perfect might not have been perfect for everyone.
– Rafael Solano, on Jane The Virgin

In retrospect it could’ve been Magda, but that’s also when all the references to *him* began, so my mind exploded. Anyway, this show is seriously amazing. Incredibly confident and brilliant writing, on all fronts. And after that cliffhanger, we’re all itching to watch the next season, which should premiere this October! You must see the reaction when he came back for script reading. Warning: SPOILER!

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Isle of Dogs

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What to Expect in May

+ Some things already happened, like the usual posts for Thursday Movie Picks
+ Always count on Blind Spots! If you want to participate in this challenge, all the info is here. I haven’t picked mine for this month, might do a poll on Twitter for that
+ Also coming up is a special posts on movies you can still look forward to watching this year.
+ There’s a few movies I want to review this month, like A Quiet Place, Red Sparrow, Deadpool 2Isle of Dogs… We’ll see how that goes.
+ and speaking of new releases…

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Gearing Up For Solo - A Star Wars Story
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The Star Wars Project: Gearing Up For Solo!

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I’ve never seen the original Star Wars trilogy. Which I now realise it’s the same as not having seen Star Wars at all. I watched the prequel trilogy when I was a kid and it was fun, so I sat down to see The Force Awakens hoping to have a good time. Instead spent the entire movie feeling very confused…

See Also

Then along came Rogue One, and everything got so much worse. I mean, I didn’t know who Hans Solo was (I knew of him, but not really), nor Princess Leia (honestly thought it was Portman’s character). Hence why I didn’t even bother to watch The Last Jedi. But I wanted to be excited for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, and clearly there’s only one way that’s going to happen. I have to watch ALL the Star Wars Episodes + Rogue One, before the premiere on May 24th!

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Star Wars Trio

I already kicked off this project with Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) on May the 4th (of course), which I thoroughly enjoyed, despite a few oddities. Tonight I’m watching Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980), a title that now makes sense because I didn’t even grasp the whole Empire vs. Rebellion thing!? I should be embarassed, but you know I’m not.

Really hoping for some progress in the whole Solo + Leia situation tonight – sorry, can’t help but be me! EDIT: this post got a bit delayed so I actually have seen Episode V already and yep, all my Solo-Leia dreams came true. I was going to space out watching them but honestly I don’t think I can wait, I need to watch Episode VI tonight! So YES, there are various types of posts planned about the saga for May. If you’re a fan, this is when you get EXCITED. I sure am!! 😍

Darth Vader

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  • Admittedly, I’m not a fan of superhero movies at all (with the exception of the two Batman films that Tim Burton made in the late-80s, early-90s). However! I’d like to dip my toe into them now, try them out and see if I like them. Which movie do I start with? Is there a list of superhero movies on the web somewhere that’ll show me the order in which I should watch them?

    • You mean movies within the Marvel universe? Oh boy, there’s always so many theories on which order you should watch these superhero movies 😂

      Honestly I go with production order, but for you I’d actually recommend starting with Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s essentially a period film (WWII), and there’s an awesome female character, and a dash of romance. Also it’s a heartfelt story, so yes, definitely would begin with that one if I were you! I think you’ll like it.

      After that I’d go on with production order which means you start with Iron Man (2008). Drastically different, but it’s the safest way to ensure you’ll understand references, I suppose.

      Let me know if you watch/like Captain America, yes? 😃

  • I’ve started a similar Star Wars project watching the prequels and new ones too. It’s quiet fun to go through franchises from the beginning, especially for the first time. I hope you have fun and May turns out to be an awesome month for you. 🙂

    • Oh yay, we’re in this together! It’s been fun, no doubt. I can’t believe I never saw the original trilogy. Also now I’m sad there’s no more movies with Solo and Leia at that stage 🙁

  • oh man, I’m sorry for tagging you in perv chain when you were going through all of that in your personal life. And I’d judge for not seeing SW before but I only watched it few years ago…just to stare at Harrison 🙂

    • No worries, it was nice to read something fun 🙂

      Haha well, I gotta say Harrison was my big motivator, too. Thinking Indiana Jones should be the next big franchise I should watch 😂

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