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tv shows of the month
Summers are always a bit slow for series, but you can always count on Suits, Masters of Sex, and True Blood to be around. I’ve been having some trouble with watching TB episodes because I don’t want it to end, something that has never happened before. Somehow whenever a show ended I was just happy or not really that invested in it; but now that the episodes are getting so good and that I’m reading all the novels, I’m so into it that it takes me a couple of days to see the newest episodes – goodbyes really do suck.

The books of july

This time of the year may be weak for television, but it sure is strong on books.
I started the month with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the source novel for a film that deeply moved me. Following the kid around with his constant overthinking can get a bit tiring after a while, but in every chapter there’s a precious gem waiting to surprise the reader – whether it is a provocative thought, a lovely happening, or a shattering truth.

Then I read Under the Skin for our podcast episode on the film. This was one of the most refreshing books I’ve read so far, and a truly gripping read. The first few chapters master the art of mystery with wonderful tension, while the second half floors you with thought-provoking concepts, just before shifting to a thrilling action narrative one last time.

July was also the month I finished Lolita (finally!), and the last chapters got me wishing I had never put it down: it starts out good and ends even better, but somewhere in the middle I got lost and stopped for months. Maybe someday I’ll pick it up again and find in it a different, even stronger book. Lastly, I started The Southern Vampire Mysteries just in time for the True Blood finale. At first I was just curious to see how the books compared to the series (did all that crazy stuff come from Charlaine Harris’s mind??), but now I’m positively addicted. They’re fast-paced, funny, sexy, and have some pretty interesting notions behind them, which is what I always loved about the show – it’s a clever story in disguise. So far I’ve read Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, and Dead to the WorldThey’re perfect for summer reading. You check out the progress of this reading in the sidebar!

my favourite films of the month
July is quite possibly the month where I watch the biggest amount of movies: with exams almost every week, it is the best way to relax and stop thinking about the gigantic amounts of information I just gathered, without loosing too much time and rhythm. As a result, I watched a total of 26 films last month (eight of which were re-watches), and a lot of them were pretty good. My favourite new-to-me movies of July were Rocky, Locke, Le Week-End, The Bridges of Madison County, Grand Piano, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Raider’s of the Lost Ark. As for re-watches, the biggest surprise was undoubtedly the underrated 2005 film, Prime. I’ve written/talked about all of these already, so no mini-reviews this month!

wHat you might’ve missed
– A List of Shame update with thoughts on eight movies, from 1939 to 1996.
– An article on the british dark comedy miniseries from 2012, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm – as the same character!
– My entry for the Spielberg in July web event, where I write about my favourite movies from the director.

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what to expect in august
– I’ll be finishing The Southern Vampire Mysteries and revisiting old True Blood episodes, but I’m not sure I’ll able to write posts about them. Either way, I’m planning of publishing an article on the series and novels as a whole on the 24th, the sunday of the finale.

– This will be the month of the Emmys, and I’m already catching up on a couple of series/miniseries I was missing on my repertoire, so when the time comes I’ll be ready to share my favourite nominees and adequately rant if they don’t win.

Quentin Augustino is happening, and as always there will be FWeekly posts and a LoS update. Anything in between is a mystery! Shark Week…? Definitely something Cary. 

—- have you seen / read any of these films, shows or books? —-

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  • I’ve been curious about reading Under the Skin after Margaret at Cinematic Corner compared (but mostly contrasted) the book from the film. Sounds like a good, sci-fi read…better add that to my to-do list. I hope you’ve watched or plan to watch Orange is the New Black…big Emmy contender I’ll be rooting for 🙂 Great post!

    • Yes I’ve followed OITNB from the start, it’s such a great show! Competition is tight this year, but I sure would be happy to see it win some stuff.

      Yes you should! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a blend of mystery, horror and sci-fi. And not even too strong on the sci-fi, since I’m not usually a fan of the genre in novels but thoroughly liked it in Under the Skin.

  • I look forward to you talking about old True Blood episodes. I was just thinking the other day about how much I loved Godric’s story.

    Under The Skin was a far better book than movie. I wish I would’ve read the book first so I could’ve enjoyed the film as much as everyone else.

    • I loved Godric too. Keeping him and having him as Eric’s maker was one of True Blood’s smartest calls. At least as far as I know – idk if some other vampire takes Godric’s place in the novels since I haven’t finished all thirteen.

      That’s funny because I was thinking the opposite! I wondered if I haven’t read the book first I would’ve been more fascinated by the movie. The story is so different that I kept trying to find similarities, only to end up a bit frustrated because there are so few! The worst was the absence of Amlis, I was really looking forward to seeing how they would make him, visually. Oh, well.

    • Is it because you’re disappointed with TB or because you honestly don’t want it to end? Because people tend to go either way these days. I’m with the second crowd, I’m not handling this goodbye thing very well.

      But you should give it a watch sometime, they really are marvellous episodes. Very, very emotional (every kind of emotion, really – I’m laughing one minute and crying the next), so be ready. And let me know if you do!

    • It’s not because I’m disappointed, it’s because I can’t bring myself to admit that the series is over. Although, the last few seasons haven’t been that great.

  • I have such mixed feelings about True Blood. This season isn’t its worse but it’s not quite as good as last season in my opinion. I am hoping it ends on a strong note. I have thought about reading the books since I’ve heard it varies a lot from the series but haven’t really gotten around to it.

    • True Blood sure got a lot of different reactions from the audience over the years. For me, there were things that I loved and others that I didn’t, in all seasons. I plan on writing about that towards the end of the month, actually, since I feel the show is anything but constant.

      But I do like this season better that last. It’s different yeah, and it was a very sudden change, and I don’t know if it’s better, but it’s definitely more my style! I like that it’s more slow-paced, focused, emotional… it feels different, like back-to-basics but more mature. And it has this atmosphere that screams “IT’S ENDING”, which to me adds unbearable (and amazing) tension — I’m on edge every episode thinking something awful is going to happen!

      Yes I heard that, too – I’m halfway through book five and they’re pretty similar to the show, so I guess the major differences will happen in the following books. So far whenever the show changes things it’s for the best, which makes me happy. They’re fun, you should give them a try when you feel like it!

    • Yes, I can totally see how they are moving pieces around to get everyone into place (although I feel like if they had just not written the Alcide-Sookie started dating during the 6-month gap thing it would’ve worked much better). I just love Sarah Newlin so I really enjoyed last season and whenever she shows up during this one I get so excited.

    • Yes I agree with you on that: as much as liked Alcide and Sookie together, it would’ve been smoother if they weren’t together in the final season. He certainly didn’t *have* to die…

      Oooh I love her too, and this Noomi thing is hilarious.

  • I just watched Under the Skin again, and I really want to read the novel now. Love that new-to-me movie list by the way. (I haven’t seen Grand Piano, though.)

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