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Suddenly, Last March: The Best Movies & News

Oh wow, that was some blogging break, huh? A month went by with not one post! Sorry about that, but anyway, here’s what happened in the last four weeks, starting with the good news: Hannibal‘s third season has a premiere date – June 4th – so start your countdowns, fannibals! Mad Men‘s final season is right around the corner too, the first of seven episodes airing this Sunday night. I’ve been rewatching the show and reading a couple of books on it (yep, they exist!), so I’m super pumped for the comeback of Mad Men Mondays.

But finally, and most exciting of all, THE X-FILES IS COMING BACK!! Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are reprising their roles as Scully and Mulder in a six part miniseries to air on FOX, with Chris Carter at the helm again. But hey, there’s more: William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man) and Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) will star as well! Is this a geek’s dream come true or what?

@GillianA I’m ready G woman
— David Duchovny (@davidduchovny) March 24, 2015

the best movies of the month

La Haine, 1995
La Haine was not only my pick for March’s Blind Spot but also the movie I brought for discussion in our latest podcast episode. I had a feeling I was going to love this one and I was right: it went straight to my all-time favorites! In fact, that happened with all three movies this month.

In La Haine we follow three young men around for a day – the day after a riot protesting the shooting of a kid (Abdel) by a police officer, allegedly motivated by racism. Each of them represents a targeted minority: Vinz is a Jew, Saïd is Arab, and Hubert is black. They also embody opposing ways of reacting to oppression: Vinz found the weapon one of the policeman lost in the riot, and threatens to kill a cop if Abdel dies – he is fuelled by hate, a big motif here – while Hubert wants to lay low and go about it in a more peaceful way.

It’s that gritty, intense but also pensive kind of film that looks very, very real. Plus it’s shot is gorgeous black and white, making it a treat to watch. I’ll elaborate on all of this on my next Blind Spot post.  


It’s been on my watchlist forever, but it was Andina’s post on it that finally pushed me to see In The Mood For Love, keeping up with my recent Asian cinema streak. It’s a film about love and loneliness, where two neighbors (Su and Chow) find out their respective spouses are having an affair with each other.

They’re often out of town, and so Su and Chow find themselves alone for most of the time. They wonder how the affair began, and start to re-enact it, soon blurring the lines between acting and real feelings.

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It’s a slow, beautiful, repetitive movie  – the same track plays over and over again – that dwells on brief moments and emotions. I’ll warn you though, it is sad. Like depressingly sad.

Love me if you dare, 2003
During the last week of March I found myself consecutively watching various love themed movies, for some reason. Love Rosie, Barefoot, The Giant Mechanical Man, Cinderella – they were good, but Love Me If You Dare put them all to shame.

Love Me If You Dare (or Jeux d’Enfants) is about a girl and a guy who have been playing a game of dares since they were kids. As they got older the dares got bolder and more dangerous, often crossing the line between friendship and love – they love each other, but never quite manage to stay together. It goes on for years, it’s intense, and lives get ruined in the process.

So it’s got that sweet romance laced with a nice dose of surrealism, it’s endlessly fun but also dramatic, and weird, and quite shocking. The absolute best part of it are the constant twists and turns it takes. Really, it’s been a while since a movie made me properly gasp more than once, it is so unexpected. And then you have Cotillard and Canet, who have this crazy chemistry. It’s a strange, strange ride, so you better be ready for it.

Alfred Hitchcock illustration by Julian Rentzsch
The X-Files illustration by Nan Lawson
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  • Oooh definitely gonna see Love me if you Dare, French romance movies are really unique. Have you seen He loves me..He loves me not? It’s really good

  • Hi Sofia! So glad you loved those movies. I’m a big fan of them as well. La Haine and Love Me If You Dare are so underrated!

  • I’m glad I got you to watch In The Mood For Love! Surely it’s worth to see. It’s an affair movie with A Class (didn’t felt cheap, unless you watch the deleted scenes). Remarkable movie.

  • I’ve been meaning to watch In the Mood for Love for yeeeears, but never taken the time, but maybe its high time I did.

    I remember when Love Me If You Dare first came out, I looked for it everywhere but eventually bought it on DVD to satisfy my need. My friend and I have endless debates about the ending. 🙂

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