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Suddenly, Last October: What I Saw & Noirvember

october recap possession
[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore wrapping up the month of October I wanted to share, as promised, my Top 30 Horror Movies of All-Time – so that’s why this one comes a little later than usual. Last month was filled with the stuff of nightmares, and I LOVED it. I watched some pretty awesome movies and tv shows, and of course, October marked my return to blogging.

Viewings went well except for two films: first, Kong: Skull Island, which didn’t really disappoint as expectations were low anyway; and I’M SORRY but, Baby Driver. I know many of you loved this movie, and it’s not like I didn’t like it, but… I didn’t like it. Nice visuals, cool style? Sure. Great tracks? I guess, if you like them. And that about sums it up for me. With some cheese on top.

The Movies I Rewatched

So with that settled, let’s move on to the good stuff. I rewatched X-Men: First Class (2011) in preparation for our podcast episode on the best Marvel movies, as well as No Country For Old Men (2007), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Requiem for a Dream (2000) for our Non-Horror Scary Movies episode. The first one brought back memories of fassavoy, while the other three are pretty close to perfection. I also rewatched Blade Runner (1982), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), and The Shining (1980) on Halloween night – all longtime favourites.

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Best New-to-Me Movies of October

the meyerowitz stories

04. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

The latest work from director Noah Baumbach was the main discussion of this week’s podcast episode – so come give it a listen for in-depth thoughts on The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)!

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thirst movie

03. Thirst (2009)

A south korean vampire tale directed by Park Chan-wook, with humour as dark as the blood it spills. In Thirst, a priest turns into a vampire, curing himself of a terrible disease he volunteered to help eradicate, only to be consumed by bloodthirst and lust. The film is gorgeous with its nightly blue hues, and just quirky enough to set itself apart.

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02. The Haunting (1963)

More often than not, classic horror movies are not scary for modern audiences. And while The Haunting probably won’t keep you up at night, it does boast the kind of immersive horror that can be genuinely unsettling to sit through. It’s a haunted house tale, based on the acclaimed novel by Shirley Jackson, starring Julie Harris as a young woman who joins an experiment, where she is to spend a few nights with a group of fellow volunteers, at Hill House.

Shot at odd angles, the house itself is literally crooked, its decoration filled with ornamented furniture, heavy curtains, statues, chandeliers, silverware and many, many mirrors – that disorient both characters and viewers. We never see the source of terror – ghost, demon, whatever it may be: we hear it banging at the walls, flickering the lights, turning the air cold, feel it holding our hand in the dark…! It’s really very well done. I don’t know if this is the original haunted house movie, but it certainly set the stage for my favourite horror subgenre.

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possession 1981 movie

See Also
October Horror 2018 Featured

01. Possession (1981)

It’s been weeks but I still find myself thinking about Andrzej Zulawski 80s horror masterpiece, Possession. So much so that I actually talked about it in our latest podcast episode, choosing it for my Interesting Movie of The Fortnight. It follows the end of a relationship, and the wife (Isabelle Adjani), suspected of having a lover, starts acting weird. Soon, the husband (Sam Neill), overtaken with jealousy and despair at the end of their marriage, starts acting just as strangely.

It’s hard to describe it. Heavy breathing, crazy eyes, shouting – almost like a state of fight or flight. The acting and the movie itself seem to get caught up in this caged animal frequency, making Possession a very uncomfortable, even unpleasant watch. It’s intense, it’s attacking you, and up until the end, it doesn’t make much sense. I mean, the “explanation” is weird AF but at least you get to see something (you’ll likely never forget). For all of this, I can’t say I recommend it unless you liked what I wrote, but if you did, you’ll probably love it.

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the exorcist tv show

The TV Shows Seen in October

October was pretty awesome for tv shows, especially for horror fans. (I swear, this is the last time you’ll read me gushing over horror anything for a while!) I saw David Fincher’s Mindhunter which is such a treat for true crime lovers. As I’ve mentioned before, I kept up with The Exorcist (still on air), and of course, the second season of Stranger Things, which was amazing. On a lighter note, there was the Will & Grace reboot, still on air, and for which I’m so thankful! This is a revival done right, guys. If you were a fan of the original series, you need to watch it.

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What to Expect This Month: Noirvember!

Obviously, the biggest thing happening this month is Noirvember – the web event created by Marya of Cinema Fanatic where we get to celebrate film noir for a whole month! I’ve already seen Leave Her to Heaven (1945) and Gaslight (1944), and tonight I’m watching Out of the Past (1947). I hope to get a few reviews up, but you can keep up with all my watchings on Instagram or Twitter. This is my official Noirvember watchlist for 2017 – all new to me noir classics!

Hope you had a great October!
Have you seen any of these movies or tv shows, too?
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  • I think my two favourite noirs of all time are LAURA (1944) and THE BIG SLEEP (1946).

    LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1945) is pretty awesome too – very sinister and such a great cast!

    • Ahh Laura is great! Haven’t seen The Big Sleep but it’s on my list for this Noirvember, so I’ll make sure to get back to you on that one!

      Very sinister indeed. I do wish they’d gone darker in the end, but oh well.

  • Oh man, you’ve already seen so many noir movies and I’m sitting here with no experience, freaking out. 😀 I will pick a movie to watch for tomorrow night for sure though! We’ll see what it will be and if it will be the only one I watch….. I’m pretty picky when it comes to movie genres.

    • And yet I feel like I don’t know that much either ? Just go through trailers and see what feels right. Noir is a relatively tiny genre but there are actually plenty of different movies within it!

      Sunset Boulevard is a solid place to start. Sweet Smell of Success was my first favourite noir. And if you want romance, my all time favourite noir (and movie and everything in this world) is Notorious (Hitchcock, 1946 – NOT to be confused with the rapper biopic ?).

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