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Suddenly, Last September

I know the two pictures above make no sense and have no relation whatsoever with September, I’m not crazy. I’m just hungry and in need of a new black dress.

This month I’ve made a conscious effort to post semi-regularly, thus managing to post nine successful posts – which if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know is quite a feat for me in a back-to-school month. And because I have a better schedule this year, I’m confident I can increase this number in October.

the books of september

The best books I’ve read this month were the first three instalments of the Knitting in the City series, by Penny Reid. As I’ve said before, Neanderthal Seeks Human was a strong breakout novel, but the I’m afraid the other two didn’t quite click with me – especially the second book, Friends Without Benefits. I still enjoyed it, but the plot felt a bit soap-operish at times. Also I cringe at love words spoken by a man in italian – I’m sure it can be very romantic in real life, but in my mind it always sounds so corny!

The third book (Love Hacked) was better, but still not like Neanderthal. For some reason the latter rang truer to me, more realistic (for a romance novel), and Janie – the leading female character – was interesting and flawed in a way that appealed to me in particular.

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my favourite movies of the month
directed by JOSH BOONE
Yes, I saw the film every teenager is raving about and I liked it and I read the novel and liked it too, and I cried way too much because this is the most depressingly beautiful thing ever. To some extent. I think I loved the parents more than the main characters though, which made me feel really old. When did teen movies stop being my movies?

directed by RYAN MURPHY
I’ve written about this one, and what I’ve expressed before still applies. There’s still a terribly huge amount of ignorance and prejudice when it comes to homosexuals, perpetuated by stereotypes and biased theories, or masked under slap-inducing hypocrisy. I don’t know if it’s a worldwide phenomenon, but in my daily life this is what I see. 
While The Normal Heart has the AIDS discovery and fight as its foundation, it was the sensible portrait of a loving relationship between two men that got to me. The usual routine for the portrayal of gays is the flamboyant or promiscuous homosexual; and, even if they resemble a section of the gay community, in movies they are caricatures, used for mockery or for their shock value. Few are the movies and shows who tell a different story, and I cannot understand why. 
directed by WOODY ALLEN
This was seriously adorable. Like Midnight in Paris adorable, except this time I identified with its message on a much deeper level, which made it better for me. It’s not exactly funny, but sweet and blissful, and it has some killer costume design straight from the 20s – look at those flappers! And Colin Firth is most certainly not too old. 
directed by JOHN CARNEY
Andina’s review pushed me to watch it within a few hours of reading her thoughts, and I’m happy to say the expectations she instilled in me were thoroughly met. Begin Again is one of those cute little films that feel fresh and rewarding. It’s original and truthful, everyone involved seems comfortable in their own roles, and it makes for a relaxed, easy, no worries movie night. 
what were the best movies you saw in September?

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  • One of the best movies I saw last month was SARAH’S KEY (2010). I haven’t read the book, but seeing the movie literally destroyed me (I can’t even imagine what reading the book would do to me). Have you seen it?

  • Looks like you had a pretty nice September! The Fault In Our Stars is one of my favorite summer movies and not gonna lie YA books too. I wish the parents had been in the movie more ’cause Laura and Sam were great. Magic in the Moonlight and Begin Again are on my to-watch list. I can’t wait to see them sometime!

    I watched Fatal Attraction in September, but I wouldn’t call it the best movie from last month…Funny, I can’t even really remember what that movie would be. 🙂

    • Yeah I’m starting to get into YA, especially because a lot of blogs only review that kind of books – the hype is starting to get to me. I wish that too, it was nice to see him outside of True Blood! He’s so cute. And Dern is pretty much a childhood hero of mine because of Jurassic Park.

      I remember you mentioning Fatal Attraction in one of your posts! I really need to see it, looove Michael Douglas. And it looks pretty cool.

    • It was nice to see him outside of True Blood, and I hope to see him do more movies/television. I met him at a TB convention and he was supernice! Ellie from Jurassic Park is one of my heroes too. 🙂

      Thank you for reminding me to do a mini-post! Fatal Attraction is quite the sexual movie just to warn you (Hello 1980s movies!!), but it was psychologically thrilling and a bit cheesy.

    • I’m glad his personality matches his face; and you went to a True Blood convention? Lucky you, it must’ve been awesome!

      I was counting on it being sexual with the whole obsession thing, but that’s perfectly fine. Cheesy is a classic trait from that era too, we just have to be in the right mood for it!

  • Begin Again was simply delightful, and I enjoyed Magic in the Moonlight as well. The Fault in Our Stars was good, but tough to watch. Love the soundtrack to that film.

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