Metropolis (1927)

The List of Shame Update: We’ve Hit 80%!

Four years after the last The List of Shame update, here’s 60 classics I’ve crossed off the list, officially being 80% done with this challenge!

Blind Spot 05: Metropolis (1927), dir. Fritz Lang

Metropolis (1927) [pipdig_stars rating=”4.5″ align=”center”] directed by Fritz Lang starring Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel and…

2018 Blind Spot Series at Returning Videotapes
2018 Blind Spot Series: From Alphaville to Seven Samurai

Here we go again: another year, another twelve classics every film fan should watch. The Blind Spot Series is a web event created by The Matinee, where the goal is to watch one classic/cult film every month for year. Read on for my own picks, and join us in this challenge!