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Suddenly, Last February ’18: Kiss me, my girl, before I’m sick.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere we are, first weekend of a new month! Which means it’s time for another…

The 10 Best Television Original Scores of 2017
2017 Year Retrospective, Part III:
The 10 Best Television Original Scores

From the surrealism of Twin Peaks: The Return, to the grandeur of The Crown, here are the best scores composers had to offer in 2017.

2017 Year Retrospective, Part II:
The 10 Best Pre-2017 Movies I Saw Last Year

A list of true all time favourites, from The Big Sleep to Hiroshima Mon Amour. It’s true we usually celebrate the best movies that were released in the year in question, but this is sort of a tradition by now over at our podcast, Across the Universe – and because it’s a good one, I’m adopting it for the blog!

The Visuals of Eraserhead, by David Lynch

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]avid Lynch‘s feature-length body horror debut, Eraserhead, is a surreal trip through a father’s industrial…