5 American TV shows you didn’t know were adapted from non-english series · TMP

We’re back to the weekly feature Thursday Movie Picks, and the end of the year is approaching. For the last week of November we have a Television Special on american tv shows that were adapted from non-english series.

Technology in Horror Movies · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks: Halloween Special, the theme is technology in horror movies.

The 10 Longest Books I’ve Ever Read · Top Ten Tuesday

This week on Top Ten Tuesday we talk about the longest books we've ever read! Harry Potter and Outlander clearly dominate the list. Read on for 10 giant books I've read for the love of a good story.

Five Anthology Television Series · TMP

This week we have a special on anthology television series. Coincidentally, plenty of anthology shows belong in the horror genre, so we can get in the Halloween spirit!

Most Anticipated Books Coming This Fall · Top Ten Tuesday

In this week's Top Ten Tuesday we look at the most anticipated books coming this Fall. Between series and standalones, and across all genres, there's no shortage of new books to look forward to.

5 Favourite Non-English Movies · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks, we dive into the Non-English Movies we love. In this top 5 you'll find three french films, and two chinese productions that are unmissable.
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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks, we look at some long-awaited movie sequels, or in my case, the ones I didn't see coming at all! Spoiler: Colin Firth.

Five Unusual but Charming Friendship Movies · TMP

We're back with a new Thursday Movie Picks, this week with the wonderful theme of Friendship movies. I picked relationships that can be seen as unusual or having a rough start, because I always find those to be the more charming ones.

Thriller Plot Twists That Shocked Me (and I Still Don’t Get) · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks we talk Twisty Thrillers! From classic Hitchcock suspense to Kubrick madness and dark comedies, read on for some of the craziest plot twists that had me frozen in confusion as the credits rolled.

Cannes Palme d’Or Winners That I Need to See · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks I search for the best Palme D'Or Winners from the Cannes Film Festival, that I am yet to see. Join me in adding some of the best movies ever made to your never ending watchlist.

Movie Characters Making a New Start · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks we take inspiration from those who got a second chance. Here's Four Movie Characters Making a New Start.

One Season TV Shows That Deserved Another Shot · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks we remember short lived TV Shows that deserved another shot. Starting in the late 90s, here's 8 TV Series across most genres (though let's face it, mainly sitcoms) that should've have been renewed for at least a second season.
Drums of Autumn (Outlander #04)
by Diana Gabaldon
The Wicked King (The Folk of The Air #02)
by Holly Black