One Season TV Shows That Deserved Another Shot · TMP

In this week's Thursday Movie Picks we remember short lived TV Shows that deserved another shot. Starting in the late 90s, here's 8 TV Series across most genres (though let's face it, mainly sitcoms) that should've have been renewed for at least a second season.

Blind Spot 04: La Notte, 1961

For April's Blind Spot Series challenge I picked Michelangelo Antonioni's La Notte, from 1961. A lush classic Italian movie starring Jeanne Moreau, Marcello Mastroianni, and Monica Vitti.

Five Funny and Iconic Character Meltdowns in Movies | TMP

For this week's Thursday Movie Picks I share five funny and iconic character meltdowns from some amazing movies - most of which are angry meltdowns because let's be honest, those are the best ones.

TMP: Best Picture Nominees That Should’ve Taken Home The Gold

In this week's TMP we are celebrating the Oscars! By the end of March 4th, this Sunday, we'll know who takes home the gold and who leaves empty handed - and as always, we won't like all the results. Let's look at some other Best Picture nominated movies that I really wish would've won.

Three Break Into Song Moments That Made Our Teenage Hearts Sing

The following three break into song movie moments made our hearts sing, swoon, smile, dance, ache, break. Watch the videos to relieve what were undoubtedly the best moments of your teenage life.