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this post is part of Thursday Movie Picks, a weekly feature hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his week on Thursday Movie Picks we have a special on anthology television series. Coincidentally or not, plenty of anthology shows belong in the horror genre: thinking American Horror Story, Tales From the Crypt, The Twilight Zone, and a couple of my Top 5 picks. As I haven’t seen that many, the following tv shows are pretty much the only ones I’ve seen that follow that format. Some of them had multiple seasons, while one has yet to put out its second, but they’re all great and/or dear to me!

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Five Anthology Television Series

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05. Goosebumps (1995-1998)

created by R.L. Stine

This one is a fun pick because obviously, it’s a childhood favourite. Some episodes scared me to death, but they also most likely started my predilection for all things horror. I can’t remember many specifics, but the creepy dubbed intro is something I’ll never forget. Best of all, is that the universe of Goosebumps extended beyond the tv show to the books it is actually based on. My brother was an avid buyer of them, so luckily I got to read a few – something that later heavily influenced most short stories I wrote in middle school!

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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04. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962)

created by Alfred Hitchcock

Naturally, I haven’t seen all of the episodes, but have fortunately caught a fair share of them. I took a liking to Alfred Hitchcock Presents once I was done watching most of the director’s top films. It was everything I could’ve expected: good suspense stories, clever humour, interesting production – and a treat for horror fans.

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American Crime Story

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03. American Crime Story (2016-)

created by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski

Let’s break the horror streak – who’s excited for October Horror though? 👻😍 – with some crime, which is really the next best thing. American Crime Story shook audiences with its first season on the worldwide notorious trial of O.J. Simpson. It’s one of those series you can recommend to everyone – my entire family was hooked and no one missed a single episode, collectively watched. Let me tell you, it’s a rare sight. And that’s because the first season is damn near flawless: brilliantly acted (behold the rise of Sarah Paulson), absolutely genius pace, and a script made even more fascinating by the fact that it was all true.

The second season is out too, looking at the assassination of Gianni Versace, but admittedly it has some flaws. While the cast is great, the non-linear narrative is confusing and oftentimes redundant. But that’s the great thing about anthology series: you can watch any of its seasons and not worry about missing something. So go ahead and treat yourself to The People vs. O.J.

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True Detective

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02. True Detective (2014-)

created by Nic Pizzolatto

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Also a crime series, this show has two seasons out but I’ve actually only seen the first one. True Detective can also be seen as a kind of revolution in television, bringing cinema actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to the small screen, for a limited, exquisitely created tv series. It’s violent, and dark, and strange – but also poetic, and kind of beautiful? But then, with Fukunaga as director, that should come as no surprise. You’ll love it.

The second season stars Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdamns. The third should premiere on January 2019, with Mahershala Ali at the helm, investigating the disappearance of two children in Ozarks, Arkansas.

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Feud Tv Show

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01. Feud (2017-)

created by Ryan Murphy, Jaffe Cohen, and Michael Zam

My number one pick this week has only aired a single season so far, but what a season it was! Feud explores the relationship of Old Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, more specifically their infamous feud during the production of one of my all time favourite movies, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962). Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange play the actresses, respectively, with Alfred Molina and Stanley Tucci in supporting roles.

The second season was set to be about Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Matthew Goode and Rosamund Pike as leads, but the project was cancelled and it seems like Murphy is moving Feud from FX to Netflix. Reportedly it was cancelled for lacking a solid story, but can you imagine how amazing that season would be??

Have you seen any of these shows? Share your own top anthology television series!
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  • I haven’t seen Hitchcock’s but man do I love everything else you picked! I’ve been wanting to re-watch the first season of True Detective again but I know I should start something new instead.

    • I feel guilt rewatching things too, sometimes 😅 There are so many great shows I haven’t seen, seems like a waste to rewatch! But here I am, doing exactly that right now with Outlander 😂

  • Awesome picks! I think the only I haven’t seen yet is True Detective. I had no idea about Feud being cancelled, that’s a shame but the first season was spectacular. People VS OJ is one of my favorites. It was like a car crash you couldn’t stop watching.

    • Thanks, Katy! Oooh you haven’t, really??? I can vouch for the first season, definitely worth checking out! Yeah it’s not certain that there won’t be a second season of Feud, eventually, but for now that project has dropped.

      That’s actually a great description for People vs OJ 😂 So good!

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