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Mad Mondays: New Business | 709

Or: a parade of Don’s ex-wives and lovers. We start with Betty, first wife, mother of his children. Don makes milkshakes in her kitchen. From here on out it’s only brunettes, and most of them with similar haircuts, even skin tones: Megan, Di, which still reminds us of Rachel Katz, and Sylvia Rosen.

In New Business we take a break from the office life to dive into Don’s confusing personal life: while wrapping up the divorce procedures with Megan (she walks away with a million dollars, good riddance), Don’s following Di around, determined to give her something (booze, sex, water, a new shampoo?), and seemingly much more invested in this affair than her.

We get to know Di’s story, which is odd and, frankly, uninteresting. I’m too bored to even write about it. Or maybe I’m just tired of Don’s conquests, especially when he’s trying to turn them into something deeper than it actually is. Seriously, this Di business feels fake and desperate, don’t you think? Even Megan’s family issues were exciting in comparison.

Oh man, this episode did very little for me. The client was peculiar, I didn’t even get what the job was nor care about Stan’s ego and self-loathing, Don and Di was, you know, and Megan with her mother and sister… I don’t know, was that a situation of more screen time before no screen time? I failed to see the point of most of it. And is Marie really getting together with Roger? Please, don’t! And then Harry Crane harasses Megan?! In the lamest way possible, of course. What are these people doing with their lives. 

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Good parts though, right: Betty plans on going back to school to study psychology (because apparently people like talking to her), Roger vents about Jane, Caroline and Shirley share a massive workload, and Marie steals Don’s entire furniture. You have nothing, Don. 

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