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RW: When There’s no More Room in Hell, the Dead Will Walk the Earth.
The Love Witch (2016)
Rewind is a weekly recap feature on this blog | post title: quote from Dawn of the Dead (1978)
[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’ve reached the first recap of October, so you know you’re about to be bombarded with the horror movies I’ve watched since the first of this month. #OctoberHorror is in full swing with only a little bit over one week until Halloween. I probably won’t finish the mammoth of a watchlist I set for myself (I always do this, you know my overachieving tendencies well), but I’d say I’m doing pretty great so far!

I’ve watched 10 new to me horror movies and one horror tv show, and fortunately, most of them became favourites. If this genre gives you the creeps in a bad way, scroll down a little further for some nice, joyful tv shows that are back and killing it.

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The movies I’ve seen: zombies, evil spirits, and monsters!

First up, and as I’ve previously mentioned, was Angel Heart (1987), The Thing (1982), and Night of the Living Dead (1968). The first had a great style and atmosphere, the second was a prime example of entertaining 80s horror, and the third was one of the best zombie films I’ve ever seen. I loved the camera work and lead actor Duane Jones. A couple of nights ago I watched Dawn of the Dead (1978), from the same director, and it was equally good: adequately gory in great style, but also funny and smart. They will be in my top list of horror movies – which I’ll share on the 31st – for sure!

Having seen The Evil Dead (1981) for the first time two years ago, I got to see its sequel, Evil Dead II (1987), and recent reboot, Evil Dead (2013). The latter is my pick for our next podcast episode on good horror remakes, which we’re recording today. I’m now a bonafide Evil Dead fan. I absolutely love Raimi’s shaky camera style, how campy the second film is, and how scary the new reboot can get.

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That body is not dead. It has never lived. I created it.
— Henry Frankenstein, in Frankenstein (1931)

Then I moved on to j-horror, which I typically enjoy. I tackled Dark Water (2002) from acclaimed director Hideo Nakata, but was slightly disappointed. I was under the impression this would be scary, but instead it was more of a drama where nothing scary really happens until THAT elevator scene. For those minutes alone I think it was worth watching the entire movie, though – Japan really does creepy kids like nobody else. I’m good with drama in horror, after all, A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) is one of my favourites ever, but Dark Water was just a bit too bland for me.

Finally I went back to classic horror with a long overdue first time watch of Frankenstein (1931), which I thoroughly enjoyed. And on that note, this month’s Blind Spot will change from my original pick of Alphaville (1965) to Bride of Frankenstein (1938), because I can’t find a way to watch Godard’s film – short of buying it, which I don’t want to do. And lastly, I saw another new favourite: The Love Witch (2016).

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The TV shows I watched & binged

The one horror show I and everyone else binged last week was Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. I had only seen one previous adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel, which was the british classic from 1963, The Haunting. It was one of my findings from last year’s October Horror, but it is wildly different from this Netflix series. In fact the only thing they have in common really, is the house.

Anyway, the series is great – like actually scary and compelling, well above your average horror tv show. Without spoiling, the ending was a let down: it spins the whole thing to a tale of grief, with a strong, almost nonsensical whimsical streak that to me voided everything that preceded it. Plenty of people loved it though, and even if not, I’d still 100% recommend you check it out.

As for the return of fall tv series, currently I’m watching new episodes of Shameless, This is Us, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – all going strong. I’m also rewatching Outlander, getting ready for the premiere of its fourth season on Sunday, November 4th!

What have you guys been watching lately? Seen any good horror movies?
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  • So glad you finally decided to watch Frankenstein! Woohoo!

    I’m planning on re-watching Outlander too. I gave up halfway through the second season, but I plan on re-watching the whole series soon in time for next month’s Season 4 premiere.

  • oh I love The Love Witch! I actually liked the ending to THoHH, I thought it was refreshing for a horror story not to end in a cruel or scary way. I’ve been watching Viggo Mortensen movies all weekend….so I was delighted not scared 😛 I did check out the Invitation on Netflix, though, it was a pretty tense thriller

  • I am very glad to read that you loved The Love Witch. I had a lot of fun with that feature and Anna Biller is a filmmaker I wish the world knew more about. I do agree with your thoughts on Dark Water even though I think it is a fine enough drama with aspects of horror thrown in Wishing you a fantastic birthday if I havent done so already

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