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100 Movies That Will Shatter My Credibility | List of Shame

I knew I was missing some essentials, but I guess I never realised how many! Today I started a list of a few movies I needed to watch urgently, like the first three, Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and Psycho – I bet that’s a shocker, but it gets worse. Even though I never claimed to be an expert, and even though I rarely write about the must-sees, it seemed quite ridiculous that I was writing film reviews, when I was missing such crucial classics. So out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at all the 100 Movies You Need To See Before You Die kind of list, just to see how far off I was. Well, I came up with 100 films, so I suppose I’m pretty far. I’ve always had a tendency to drift towards the unappreciated, independent films – and only recently started exploring the classics – keeping stubbornly away even from big hollywood productions, like Avatar (took me a year to finally watch that one). So in my crusade for the lost and forgotten, I didn’t take the necessary time to watch the officially grand films.

To make emends, I created this list, and decided to take its shame and turn it into something positive: this lack of the greats shall be corrected – I’ll start watching them, ideally one per day, and following the list’s order. As always, I’ll be blogging about this epic and shameful journey through my own lazy ignorance, now with hopes of embellishing it.

And so, even though this is a really bad move for someone who owns a cinema blog, I give you the 100 Movies I Should Have Watched By Now.

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