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Gone With The Wind (1939) | List of Shame

Sorry it took me so long to watch this one – I’ve been busy of course, but also the film is four hours long!
I was a bit concerned with Gone With The Wind. I never watched it because I never though I’d like it. I knew it was considered a spectacular film, but like many other films whose grandeur is universally acknowledged, it could be, well… boring. It’s not. I apologise for once again not be able to say much, but it’s the same situation as Casablanca. I much rather learn some more before sharing my thoughts. Hopefully this is the last time. I did, however and again, enjoyed it very much.

Here’s a little fun fact about the film’s most famous line:
In 1939, the Hollywood Production Code dictated what could and could not be shown or said on screen, and Rhett Butler’s memorable last line presented a serious problem.  A few of the suggested alternatives were “Frankly my dear… I just don’t care,” “… it makes my gorge rise,” “… my indifference is boundless,” “… I don’t give a hoot,” and “… nothing could interest me less.”

Although legend persists that the Hays Office fined Selznick $5,000 for using the word “damn”, in fact the Motion Picture Association board passed an amendment to the Production Code on November 1, 1939, to insure that Selznick would be in compliance with the code. Henceforth, the words “hell” and “damn” would be banned except when their use “shall be essential and required for portrayal, in proper historical context, of any scene or dialogue based upon historical fact or folklore … or a quotation from a literary work, provided that no such use shall be permitted which is intrinsically objectionable or offends good taste.” 

With that amendment, the Production Code Administration had no further objection to Rhett’s closing line, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” source

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