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Pulp Fiction (1994) | List of Shame

I’ve got writer’s block, mainly due to how amazingly insane this movie is, and the consequent feeling that my words will never match up to its quality. But I’ll try anyway.
All the stories are precious, every character is unique and equally relevant, and the way they crossover is truly ingenious. The cast is insane (I may use this word a lot) and Tarantino’s passion for filmmaking is in every single detail, as his enthusiasm becomes our enthusiasm. It’s also through his films that my adoration for the work of certain actors is renewed or reenforced: such is the case of Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis. Their latest career moves weren’t of the utmost interest to me, but watching them in Pulp Fiction (and right after re-watching Kill Bill Vol.1) reminded me of how great their talent can be in the right hands.

You can imagine how hard it was to choose one quote, if I could I would paste the whole script here. Even picking the actors for the graphic was a headache – hence the bunch of actors in starring – and still, so many are missing. All the remarkable acting, peculiar situations and witty dialogues could only be brought together so wonderfully by Tarantino and his much talented cast and crew.

It’s also nice to see John Travolta dance again.

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