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Reservoir Dogs (1992) | List of Shame

After a long absence, The List of Shame is back, and I’ve already watched three more films! By the way, the order may differ – it was just so hard to follow it, for instance, I’ve watched Lost in Translation and The Silence of the Lambs this week, when otherwise I would have to wait until day 16 and 50, or something. And once choosing a film to watch is a rather emotional task (like lately I can’t get enough of thrillers), making it rational was pure nonsense. 

Still, day seven was Reservoir Dogs. Being a Tarantino film I knew I would enjoy it. I know this is a cheesy thing to say, but it’s the truth: I loved every single one of his films (the only one left is Jackie Brown), even Kill Bill (which was a long shot, because martial arts are really not my thing). So even if a script sounds utterly absurd, I’m sure that if it has his name on the front page, and his eyes behind the camera, it’s going to be great. That said, Reservoir Dogs – which I can’t pronounce because in my mind it’s french – is no exception. I was aware that it is regarded as one of his finest, but  looking at his filmography, I don’t think I could make that decision – they’re all so different from each other, that there’s barely any grounds for comparison. But from a purely personal point of view, I can say that Reservoir Dogs is not only one of my favourite Tarantino films, but also holds a spot in my All-Time Favourites sort of list. A really nice spot. 

Needless to say I’ve become addicted to its soundtrack – someone’s got great taste – reviving some nice songs that I had nearly forgotten, and giving me yet another excuse to have one more stylish album cover on iTunes. This actually happens with all of his films’ soundtracks (yes, even the weird german songs from Basterds). So yeah, I pretty much dance like a psychopath that’s about to burn you alive when Stuck in the Middle With You is on. Except for Michael Bublé‘s version. And once again, I wonder why haven’t I heard of Tim Roth before Pulp Fiction. That cast.

Can I give five stars to every Tarantino film?

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