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10 Reasons Why Supernatural’s Thinman Didn’t Suck
Last week’s Supernatural episode has been bashed all over the internet. Though I can see where some of the complains are coming from, boy, aren’t people such drama-queens: Parallels suck! Ghostfacers can’t act! Worst episode ever! Really? Worst. Episode. Ever? Here’s the thing: I loathe mindless negativity, rude comments, and overall trashing of something or someone just because one does not agree, or thinks he or she knows better.
People do have the right to their own opinion, just… be nice about it, because what’s the point of being mean? And there were some pretty mean things flying around. So I got a bit annoyed, and a bit sad, but to soothe the pain and gather the likes of those who actually enjoyed this episode (even if only to a certain extent), here’s a little food for thought, GIF style. 

1 | The return of the Ghostfacers. It was once again a trip down Supernaturals memory lane, with the unforgettably hilarious Ghostfacers (I bet you’re singing it right now) back on screen to reach new levels of ridiculousness.
2 | Thinman himself. It was also another monster of the week episode, and though I was ready for some more Cain, I quickly forgot all about him when the freaky thing appeared: Thinman. A tribute to the internet monster Slender Man, this creature is a tall and slim disfigured man that patiently lurks in the background, stalking his apparently random victims… until he decides to kill them. 

3 | A good jump scare. The episode begins with a teenage girl having a selfie session. Is that how people do it? When she’s going through the just taken photos, she notices that in one of them there’s a weird, manlike figure standing behind her. Boo! Thinman. Sounds silly? It freaked me out. I’m resisting the urge to look behind me right now. And that never, ever happened to me with this show. Ever.

4 | Dean spanking Harry, and then restoring his testosterone levels.

5 | Brotherly bonding moments.

6 | Stupid jokes that are Supernatural’s trademark. More here

7 | aaaand reactions.

8 | Dean killing an actual person, and not a supernatural monster. It’s been said that it could a side effect of the Cain mark… let’s hope so? 

9 | Subsequent memes. #whenfandomscollide

See Also

10 | The gorgeous light work during the final scene. Dim the lights, queue tears. 

So now let us eagerly await the brand new episode that airs on March 18th!

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  • Now, I’m one of those people who wanted Supernatural to end with season 5 because that’s how Kripke had it all thought out. It was a full circle, it was sad, yes, but it made sense and it was like it was supposed to be – meaningful and heroic. Now Supernatural for me feels dragged out, it is missing the core force that drove the first 5 seasons which was the whole concept of Sam being evil or what not.. Still, I don’t bash the episodes for not being as entertaining or whatever and just enjoy them though I haven’t really enjoyed them in a long while now… Nice write up btw!

    • I agree, from season 5 on it was… just crazy weird story lines, and some pretty boring episodes. I kept watching, but apart from the funny ones, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to.

      The thing is… I honestly think season 9 has been brilliant thus far. For one, the angel’s story is starting to work – especially the Cain bit, I’m finding that very interesting. And Dean’s “partnership” with Crowley is also compelling. But most of all it’s the brothers’ relationship, getting to the bottom of who they are and how this hunting life has shaped that…. sounds corny, but you know that’s the foundation of this show, and I love how serious the writers are about this. So I know exactly what you mean, but can’t say that I’m sorry they kept the show going for this long!

      And like I said, it has become such a gorgeous show, the production is flawless!

  • That creature looks pretty scary! i don’t watch the show anymore. I wanted to get back to it recently but after Padalecki’s comments about Hoffman and the lack of apology for them I just can’t stand looking at him.

  • Firstly I want to say, your blog is GORGEOUS!! I don’t watch hardly any TV though, never seen a single eps of Supernatural but I do think Eckles is pretty cute 😉

  • I haven’t seen the episode yet, but it’s queued in my dvr. I really love this show. I’ve been watching it since the 1st season. I can’t believe it’s been on for long. I always enjoy the ghostfacers episodes. However, I think that the show should probably end after season 10.

    I’m so glad they brought the angels back. There was a season (I think it was season 7, with the leviathans) when they had a new EP who thought it was a good idea to get rid of the angel storyline and focus exclusively on Sam & Dean. I think she said that they had so much fun w/ that western themed episode that they were going to give the show a western feel. I knew that was a bad idea and thankfully I believe she’s been replaced. Last year’s season finale was great and I’ve enjoyed season 9 so far.

    • I think it should too, even though I could watch Sam and Dean drink at some random bar for ten more seasons, haha.

      Didn’t know about those ideas around season 7. It doesn’t sound very good so I’m glad they didn’t went with that. I too find the biblical motif very interesting, because these are characters we’ve all heard of before. Well, at least some of them, and some of us. Anyway, that’s why I’m loving the Cain storyline, it’s badass stuff.

      That said, I think the Castiel / Metatron affair was getting a bit tiring now… and the writers probably picked up on that because they put that storyline on hold and replaced it with Crowley and Cain — which is sooo good!

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