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BAFTAs ’14 Visual Diary & Thoughts

The BAFTAs were held last night at The Royal Opera House in London, a very british ceremony hosted by comedian Stephen Fry, who delivered some truly hilarious lines (I shall never wash my eyes again, either). Let’s get right on the thoughts about winners and losers, because the best part comes after.

In general, it was all quite satisfying: I was happy for The Great Gatsby and GravityBlanchett and Frozen were personal favourites, as was Steve Price‘s brilliant score and actor Barkhad Abdi; and one must at least acknowledge that American Hustle did some good work in the make-up and hair department. It’s hard to say anything about the Adapted Screenplay category, as most of the nominees seem to be roughly at the same level of good, and I haven’t read the original material from all of them; but having just watched Philomena this afternoon, I’m happy it won something. 

As for Best Original Screenplay, the only two that have left a mark on me were Woody Allen‘s Blue Jasmine, and non-nominee Spike Jonze‘s Her (my choice for the Oscars) so American Hustle‘s win is, well… we chicks elaborated on this subject during our oscar special. Supporting Actress was another shocker, with Lawrence beating Lupita Nyong’o and Julia Roberts, my favourites. Then came Best Actor, and we all know I wanted DiCaprio to win, though really Ejiofor and Hanks were brilliant as well. It stings a bit, but he does make good speeches. And 12 Years a Slave has undeniable quality for me, as expressed in my review, so that was good, too. See the full list of winners.
But enough chitchat about winners and crushed dreams, let’s look at some gorgeous pictures.

Lupita Nyong’o wore a Dior Couture gown, in a rich green colour that worked beautifully with her skin tone. Her shoes were Louboutin.
Amy Adams, in Victoria Beckham – a long, black dress with a prim collar and sheer panel.
Emma Thompson wore a flattering red gown by Maria Grachvogel.
Naomie Harris, in a Gucci gown, Christian Louboutin shoes and Cartier stud earrings. 
Samantha Barks in Calvin Klein.
Gillian Anderson wore Vintage Balmain Couture but WHO CARES, she’s fabulous no matter what.

Now, since this year’s girls wear was a bit of a bore, here’s some gratuitous pictures of last night’s men, all suited up at the red carpet. Try to spot the differences.

and now the true visual diary of the night

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  • Her’s screenplay should be the winner. Why? Because it’s not just a story but it’s an innovative story about something we really should think about. It challenges us to think how we are addicted to our phones and apps more than we are of people. American Hustle didn’t do anything, it just delivered a mess with good performances, half improvised even! – it’s just… if it wins over Her I’m done with the Oscars and I will never even mention it on my blog.

  • Great post! I liked the ceremony but it was one of the weaker BAFTAs I watched. Mirren’s speech was a disappointment, BP win was a cowardly one – the film is riding on its subject matter I swear, it’s so painfully evident when Gravity wins all those awards, including the one for director yet when the big one comes the voters chicken out. Can’t even comment on original screenplay and Lawrence.

    • Oh definitely, there were some really nice moments, but overall it wasn’t as exciting. I think a lot of cool people were missing, and that always makes it a bit more boring. Also some of the categories were predictable (not to say already revealed).

      Yeah to be honest I’m not really that excited about the best picture category at the oscars either, because besides Gravity there isn’t a nominee that I find especially interesting. There isn’t a groundbreaking film every year, so I get that sometimes they’d give the award to a well made movie, but Gravity has clearly achieved something new and that should beat traditional quality every time. But that’s rarely the case, so I stopped expecting it to happen.

      Let’s hope we’re wrong, otherwise it’s not worth looking up to these award shows anymore.

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