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Flare Artists: Elizabeth Taylor

Born in London, 1932, Elizabeth Taylor was one the first actresses to be considered a celebrity – she was the first true Diva.

Part of show business since an early age, she later developed an exotic beauty and voluptuous figure as rare as her unique talent. Her personal life became as famous as her acting skills, with multiple marriages, peculiar personality and strong moral beliefs. Her husbands included Nicholas Hilton and Mike Todd, as well as Michael WildingEddie Fisher, said to unleash her motherly side, and of course, Richard Burton. Friendships with actors Montgomery Clift and James Dean were, and unfortunately still are, a target for controversy

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?GiantSuddenly Last Summer and A Place In The Sun are amongst her most acclaimed performances, as well as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butterfield 8 – movies that caused some fuss because she played respectively a nymphomaniac and a prostitute. Throughout her career, Elizabeth Taylor moved millions with her talent, charisma and beauty. But in 1963, she portrayed the woman many believe she was born to play – Cleopatra.

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