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FWeekly: Isn’t Elegance Forgetting What One is Wearing?

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  Cary Grant as Johnnie Aysgarth in Suspicion | 3

Oh Yves, you couldn’t arrive fast enough. The premiere for Lespert’s Yves Saint Laurent film was rescheduled, going from April 3rd to May 1st. It was on my calendar, I was counting down the days, I was going to watch L’amour fou, and make a whole blog post about the two. But now we’ll have to wait another month. Boo. And that’s the extent of sad news today, because get this:

There’s a very exciting blogathon coming up, hosted by Silver Screenings. The theme is movie villains, which gave me the opportunity to write at length about something that I didn’t even know I longed to discus until the thought crossed my mind: Johnnie Aysgarth. YES, of course it’s a Cary Grant character, and granted (ha), he’s not officially a villain, but as we all know, that’s what the man was cut out to be. 

I’m purchasing the book Suspicion is based on (that’s Before the Fact, by Francis Iles) tomorrow since the two chapter amazon sample got me completely hooked, and hopefully that will make the article all the more interesting. The post is coming up on April 24th.

And yet again I logged into goodreads to check out reviews, and it pained me to see that some people actually think Lina is stupid and weak. She’s hurt and insecure from years of hearing all she has is a brain and that will only lead to her becoming a spinster, and that’s why she clings to Johnnie and ignores all the signs that he’s no good – that’s not being weak, that’s being blind and scared. Plus, that’s the whole point of the story. But all of these intricate character developments, and especially Johnnie’s dark side of course, will be explored in said blogathon. Can’t wait!

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Another web event that’s going to be a blast is Sati’s Spin-off Blogathon. Participants have to pick a supporting character that they’d like to see take center stage in a film. I’m not sure if you’re expecting who I chose, since I have talked about it, but it’s been over a year, so… we’ll see. Anyway, I can almost taste the joy of seeing such a film.

As for tv shows (since I haven’t seen any films), Shameless keeps growing and growing, and I now seem to end every episode crying because those no good bastards shouldn’t have such a screwed-up life. Even Frank. Supernatural was more fun and exciting, with the Cain plot advancing and Crowley sobbing to Casablanca and reading Little Women. Oh, and SNOOKI. I secretly wished JWOW would pop-up, too. Also, that happened, and this:

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