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FWeekly: Sing Happy B. for me and Jon Hamm!

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I’m posting links two days later because this is the third time I’ve tried to write this post. The first time, I began writing about the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever (re-watched it last Tuesday) but my writings started to resemble a review. Saved it, draft. Since Supernatural was getting so much backlash, I thought I’d start with that instead. Three paragraphs in, it was clear I was writing an article about the episode – which I never do, oddly. Saved it, draft. Now I’m a bit scared to get into any topic, so I’ll just pick something that never inspired me to write much: Glee!

Am I the only one who still watches that show? Sure, I skip most of the musical numbers since they now happen for no reason. And yes, I don’t feel all that interested in what goes on at McKinley High but hey, remember the new Rachel? NYADA? I wish there was a spin-off about her and that school, in that city. Can you imagine? It would be like a modern Fame, and I would not miss a beat of that show. I gonna watch some 80s dance musicals, now.

Another show that I still watch for no reason… Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes I wonder if I just like staring at their beautiful faces. Ten seasons. It’s gone too far, to the point of no return. To stop now would just be a waste, right? This is Sandra Oh’s last season. Does that mean she and Owen are going to die a la Lexi and Sloan? They’re the only thing I still treasure about the show, but the sad thing is… I wouldn’t stop, not even then. Anyway that’s not happening, according to THR. But this quote seriously worries me: It’s our intention to have Grey’s on the air for many years to come, with as many of the original cast as possible [ABC]. What.

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On other, happier news: it was Mads Mikkelsen week: rewatched The Hunt (like fine wine), caught the newest Hannibal episode, and promoted him to March’s banner motif. So did you catch the last episode? I could barely look at the screen, some scenes were really, really horrific. Loved it.

Finally, Scandal is back. I’ve talked about the show’s banal development of the Fitz/Olivia affair. I mean, door closed? What is this, Beautiful Bastard*? But We Do Not Touch the First Ladies was much, much better – anything involving Mellie is bound to be great, and if there’s one thing we all need is for the president to take off his shiny armour more often. I swear the best moments are when his flaws are out for everyone to see. Remember when he actually killed an old lady? Awe-some. Also, THIS.
*oh yes, I read that thing in two nights… je suis à toi (cringe).
check out my goodreads account in a few days for a review!

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– Sati also wrote a whole post dedicated to the delicious McConaissance. Good stuff. 
– After applying to Erasmus in Paris, I am addicted to Four Months is Paris‘s instagram. Plus anything Barcelona and Rome. Can 2015 be here already?
– Reviews of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel are popping up everywhere.
– This blog is sheer, shameless, and gratuitous eye candy. Every day. And he shared the most interesting article I’ve read in a long time, where JLaw’s oscar date writes about the biggest night of the year. took me a looong time to realise it was on myspace.
– Ryan shares a great quote by Tilda Swinton about cinema. 
– Sheila continues her journey through Supernatural recaps!
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  • Supernatural is getting a bit dragged for me.. and Gray’s Anatomy.. well after they had that plane crash I was like “Bye!” and I haven’t watched it since. Same with Glee.. though I kind of look at some of the spoilers on tumblr and think that I could be watching this again but considering the work load and the amount of shows at the moment, I can’t afford it.

    And the new banner looks awesome!

    • I think Supernatural hit a rough patch around… I don’t know, seasons 5 through 7? I’m not sure, but for me season 9 has been brilliant, I’m really glad I kept watching the show.

      Haha I said that as well about Grey’s Anatomy when it happened, but I couldn’t stop! It’s ridiculous, but Shonda Rhimes really has this effect on me. But I think this season will be the last because I never really got attached to the “new” characters, so if Sandra Oh goes… I guess I go, too.

      I know what you mean about Glee. Maybe you could do as I do, skip most of the episode! It takes me like 15 min to watch because all I care about is NYADA. But I had to cut a lot of shows as well, it was way too much…! Thanks Mettel!

  • Thanks for the links! I find new season of Hannibal to bevery disappointing – in the first one the gore was imaginative, here it’s only shock value. The opening of 2×02 will get them canceled on NBC, I’m 80% sure of that.

  • Happy birthday again! Oooo Jon Hamm! I was *almost* going to post his picture on your wall instead, but of course, Mr. Grant gets first preference.

    Loving the banner. Will a “yum” be too cheesy? (DOUBLE FOOD REFERENCE!)

    Thanks for the link!

  • I love The Grand Budapest Hotel. Seems that it’s Wes’ most profitable films as it’s breaking all kinds of records. I’d say it’s well-deserved. It’s really a lot of fun, hope you see it soon if you haven’t already.

  • Happy belated birthday! (Haha, I’m always late to these things.)

    I still need to watch Celeste and Jesse Forever. I also want to rewatch The Hunt.

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