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FYC: Best Design + Best New Lamb
The LAMMYs have arrived, and I got submitted for two categories: BEST NEW LAMB (thank you, Bonjour Tristesse!), and BEST DESIGN (thank you, Squasher88 and Andina!). Voting for nominations started last thursday and will end on April 3rd, so vote for you favorites!
It’s my first year at the LAMMYs, and I gotta say, competition is tough! There are some new blogs that seem like veterans, and some blog looks that are outstandingly professional. Anyway, I was glad to even be considered — it’s a step in the right direction. 
I’ll take this opportunity to say that I haven’t posted for two weeks because I’ve been crazy busy with a thesis I have to develop. I haven’t even watched any movies; as you can see, the Letterboxd section of latest views hasn’t changed. However, I’m very excited to share my thoughts on all them, because I LOVED them. Especially Sweet Smell of Success, which is the coolest, most stylish film I’ve seen in ages. Plus, Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster. 
I’m off the check out the submitted blogs now to cast my votes — thank you, and good luck! 

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