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La Môme (2007)

Édith Piaf had her share of tragic events, a broken body and mind from years of alcohol and morphine abuse, and because of it she passed away too young, at only 47 years old. Yet today we don’t recall Piaf for her sins, but for the exquisite talent she possessed. Her theatrical performances haunted by her dramatic life established an immediate connection with the audience – which when combined with a powerful voice became an unique experience.

La Môme (or La Vie en Rose) ignores any chronological order going constantly back and forth in time – a highly criticised yet logic move when portraying a life that was deeply chaotic. In a perfect tribute to the french singer, Olivier Dahan chases her frenetically with dramatic camera angles and rich colours that create a surreal and dark atmosphere. But the one truly under pressure here is Marion Cotillard, for she’s the one who’s playing one of the most iconic figures of french culture. With deep passion and unmeasurable commitment, this academy award wining actress delivers a haunting performance that will never leave you. 
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