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Spin-off Blogathon: Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs

What about Wormtail? Screw that guy. 
Sati from the blog Cinematic Corner hosted this curious blogathon called Spin-Off
As the title suggests, the goal here is to pick a supporting character and bring it to the center stage, giving it the unlimited screen time that it always deserved.
I went ahead and chose three characters because they pretty much come as a package. But even so, one is the clear leader so it’s fine. Any average Harry Potter fan – which is to say any person who’s been born – has already figured out that those weird names up there belong to Lupin, Sirius, and James Potter – three of the four Marauders. I know I’ve just linked you to the HP wiki, but I won’t geek out on you.

My first thought was Tom Riddle, but that didn’t quite fit the criteria here, since he had plenty of screen time throughout the eight movies. Though it would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this prequel ever since we got a glimpse of how their lives must’ve been in The Order of the Phoenix, when Snape tries to teach Harry Occlumency (I even read some fan fics, I was hopeless). If you recall, in one of their sessions Harry tried to shield his mind from Snape’s intrusions, but ended up entering Snape’s own mind and there finding memories of James, Sirius and Lupin making fun of him (and Lily defending Snape). 
From that point on, I had a mental image of who these men were. And I say men because really, let’s skip to their senior year, please. So here’s what I pointlessly dream about: James would be the leader, for the sake of logic. Of course he may not be the most interesting character, but I’d like to believe that by the end of his journey through adolescence, he’d be just as complex as Harry in his own senior year. His love interest is quite obviously Lily, and that could be a good part of the plot since she didn’t seem to like him at first – he’s been called arrogant, and I’d not only tend to agree, but also would love to see that facet of him in full swing. Because flaws are the best part of any character. 

We’d have his friends, both Lupin and Sirius, and okay, alright, Peter could be there too. Lucius should be a part of it, but you HP connoisseurs can tell me if the dates match up. Either way, Snape and his big nose would be there to keep things interesting. 
But what would be the challenge… I don’t think Voldemort was a thing by that time, so that couldn’t be it. Again, you with the masters degree in HP can pitch in. There had to be some issue within the school, something big enough to be an important part of the film. As far as we know, James biggest concern was winning at Quidditch, but we need something more than a high school drama here. So figure it out, J.K. 
Anyway that’s it. Round up some cute brits and let’s do this.
the spin-off blogathon ends on March 30th
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