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Suddenly, Last January
The first month of 2014 is already behind us, can you believe it? Just yesterday I was excitingly counting down the last few seconds till midnight, and here I am today, starring February right in the face. 
January started with a fresh face and an improved soul: Film Flare was reshaped with a new concept, open to the possibilities of other art forms and means of expression. It was the month of all things new, including films – the oscar project was set in motion, and is now nearly completed. It meant not posting every single day for the past two weeks, but in return I got to watch 17 movies from 2013, out of a total of 23.
With all the reading for exams, books tend to take the back seat. Still, I’ve managed to read the non-fiction work of Solomon Northup – 12 Years a Slave – and made some progress with Lolita. I highly recommend both!
Since I didn’t get a chance to write about every film I’ve seen, I leave you a list of my favourite movies of the month:

The first classic movie I saw last month and the only one out of two that has made the cut. But then again it’s Hitchcock, so being amongst my favourites is a given fact. The actors aren’t particularly well-known, but that doesn’t matter, for the premise itself will have you glued to your seat, aching to see how this dangerous game will turn out.
It’s pretty simple: two men meet on a train. They get to talking, and confess their dislikes for two members of their respective families: Guy isn’t very fond of his wife, while Bruno can’t stand his father anymore. At one point, Bruno decides to share with Guy his idea of a perfect murder, a sure way to not get caught – swap killings. Bruno would kill Guy’s wife, and Guy would kill Bruno’s father.  Hypothetically, of course. Or did he actually meant it? 

directed by JAMES WAN
Every now and then, a horror movie comes along that simply creeps you out and is interesting to watch. That’s The Conjuring, along with being an especially well developed story, and having great actors that bring everything to life with ease. Of course there’s the whole “showing the monster with terrible use of CGI” thing, that always annoys me and kind of ridicules the whole thing, but I swear some nights I still avoid looking at the top of my closet. And as always, being based on a true story makes it all the more effectively scary, no matter how much of it actually happened. 

directed by JOHN WELLS
This was one of my oscar movies, and I must’ve started watching it at least three times before I sat down to see the whole thing. So trust me on this: if the first 15min don’t spark your curiosity, give it a couple more and August will show its true colours – as will the members of this entrancingly dysfunctional family, one by one. With one the best ensembles of the year (seriously, it’s a-ma-zing to watch them), I can’t seem to get enough of this movie. 

The fact that I love those Disney classics is no secret (and I may or may not watch Beauty and the Beast every other month). But, in all honesty, I just don’t have the patience for talking cars nor monsters who have a college education. Since 1995 (that is Pocahontas and Toy Story), there’s only been a couple of animated movies that have caught my eye, and none of them even compares to Frozen.
For everything it stands for, this film feels wonderfully refreshing, a new exciting direction for Disney, which was already begun by Brave. On top of this, I actually laughed with gusto many times thanks to its witty lines, and the songs interpreted by that awesome cast are still on repeat. Easily one of my favourite animated films of all time.

See Also

directed by MASSI TADJEDIN
I had the urge and necessity to re-watch this lovely directional debut in order to confirm my initial likeness of it – and I was so happy to learn that my adoration has only grown stronger and deeper, making this sensible love tale a true personal favourite. I love everything about this movie, and I’ll be recommending it until the end of me.
I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, but it’s always worth a try. I will dive deep into Last Night closer to Valentine’s Day, so for now I’ll just leave a testament of my feelings towards it. However, know this: it is a beautiful film about love, but it’s not romantic, so don’t pick it up for that special night just yet.

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  • Lovely month. New year has started off great for you and I’m glad your back in English, I just can’t get enough of your site. Would love to read the Wolf review but I haven’t seen the movie yet so, shh, I must wait!

  • I’ve been meaning to see Strangers on a Train for a long time – I was reminded of it because of this! Glad you liked Frozen, it’s lovely and very entertaining. It has a lot of singing than I’m used to, but the songs were great.

    • Great, I hope you enjoy it! Yeah the songs in Frozen were great, I didn’t mind them either. But I was a bit like “oh okay, already??” because it begins with a song, and that’s always a bit of shock. But like I said, I can’t stop listening to them!

  • I’m really glad you enjoyed August: Osage County, I loved it too!

    I can’t believe how beautiful your blog is, it’s really amazing, so keep up the good work!

  • I’m so happy you are back to blogging in English too! And the concept is cool from what I can see – I’ve been trying to focus on other art forms too but it’s hard to do when you’re only posting a few times a month.
    Also, just saw Last Night and loved it!

    • yay we all understand each other again haha! Oh I’m SO glad you loved it! I’ve read such terrible things, it’s an awfully misunderstood film. I can’t wait to talk with you about it 😀

  • Have only just found your blog, but love the round-up of your favourite films with the concise reviews – I love Last Night, absolutely a perfect film to watch late into the wee hours. Have wanted to read Lolita for a long time, hope you’re enjoying it!

    PS. Gorgeous layout!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

    • Thanks Nell – I really like the way you edit your pics, followed the minute I saw it!

      I’m happy you like Last Night too, it’s one of those movies that didn’t get much attention, but really deserves it.

  • Lovely picture on Dunst. Frozen was cute, I didn’t like it as much as Tangled but it was still very enjoyable. As for August: Osage County, it may feature some terrific performance and interesting characters, but it felt like it was made to showcase its impressive talent rather than tell a story. If you catch my drift?

    • Oh I liked Tangled too, it was such a sweet story!

      I do get what you mean, but the story worked for me; I mean, it’s pretty simple (until those twists at the end, not the biggest fan of those), and I happen to enjoy this kind of family driven dramas, so I liked it as whole really.

      But definitely yes, what comes through is the ensemble, no doubt. I loved everyone’s performances here, especially Julia Roberts’s.

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