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unscripted: flare and the oscars
The 86th Academy Awards are set for March 2nd, but we Chicks are having an Oscar Special on our next episode, where we’ll comment on the nominations to be announced in exactly two days. The thing is, I must’ve watched about 10 movies from last year, and most of those are Nicholas Sparks stuff (no wonder the movie I’m most excited to get my hands on is Austenland – no apologies on that), so you could say I’m pretty behind on this season’s nominees. 
Since 2014 is all about stepping it up, I’m not gonna let history repeat itself. You see, last year I couldn’t care less about the Oscars or the Globes or the BAFTA’s, or anything like it, because guess what: it was all about those precious classics. And it still is, I do want to finish watching all those legendary films that connoisseurs talk about so snobbishly, but this year will also have to be about keeping track of what’s going on in our time – which means getting used to colour and realistic acting. 
Because I believe in starting right now – and also because I pretty much have no other choice – I’m taking the opportunity college has given me to team my exams-prep with some movie watching, thus catching up with last year’s most promising and discussed films. Already started yesterday with Don Jon (up tomorrow), and I’m thinking… American Hustle could be next (and hopefully better). Wish me luck!  
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