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Zou Bisou: Roger, Roger…

Here’s John Slattery, who shares his birthday with Hitchcock (yesterday, August 13). He’s pretty neat as Roger in Mad Men, Don Draper’s closest thing to a friend. They both have a tendency to self-destruction, but last season’s LSD experiences really sent him on a downward spiral. His once vivacious and daring personality seems to have lost its glow and is now immerse in a dangerous apathy, only corrected by the use of psychedelic drugs. Though it’s hard to know if it’s destruction or liberation… the last shot of him seems to indicate the latter, for me at least. I seriously hope I’m right for he’s done enough damage already. [ you were wrong Sofia, he’ll just wake up a in room full of naked hippies ]
You can also spot him in a couple of films like Mona Lisa Smile, Flags of Our Fathers and apparently Iron Man 2, Charlie Wilson’s War and Reservation Road, too. All small roles, but his part in Mad Men is worth a watch if Slattery spikes your interest. He plays one of the show’s most interesting characters, and it seriously looks like the ideal role for this actor, it fits like a charm. I don’t know if his low profile is a career choice, but it would certainly be nice to see some more from him. And he’s rather photogenic, so… worth sharing some pictures. I’ve been looking for a reason to post the top photo for over a year!
By the way, anyone knows when season six premieres? I’m getting kind of anxious and can’t find the information anywhere. I don’t want another year of absence. [ wait until you’ll have to wait a year for seven episodes. ]

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